Acquisitions of User are rising in the Google Play Store Apps

The success of an App is not only based on a seductive and friendly design for users but it is also essential to specify a mobile marketing strategy that attracts more users to download your application. If you want to get these users to be faithful to your Google Play Store Apps, then the Following points are recommended tips for a good mobile marketing strategy:

Attractive icon

This is the first thing that our potential customers will see; it will catch your attention long before the development of the application itself.

  • It must be a simple icon, “in simplicity is elegance”.
  • A design without letters is recommended.
  • An original design that different to all.
  • Branding system. For the development of the brand.
  • Design different icons for your App and ask for opinions.

App Store Optimization or ASO

This optimizes your application with the aim that it comes out in the first places of the search for Google Play Store Apps or App Store Apps. In this type of services, an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process is involved in mobile applications.

  • Title or name of the application is important and use the keywords or keywords.
  • The description of the application is very important for users.
  • The category is paramount; we must place our application in the appropriate category.
  • The screenshots or screenshots are irrelevant for the positioning, but nevertheless, the users will have a clearer and more specific idea of what they will have.

Google Play Store Apps

Advertising (Ads) in Google Play Store Apps

If we want to obtain downloads and attract users we have to design a marketing strategy. You can put Ads in Search Engines, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. We will have to study our mobile users at our fingertips and in this way segment the advertising of the campaigns.

The development of a marketing strategy involves investing in social networks and search engines to attract thousands of users to the application. We can count on the “pay per click” campaigns, they are very beneficial and one of the most prestigious advertising platforms is Google Adwords. Google Adwords pays us only when users click on our ad. It is known that most companies use it for web pages, but from Metacom Inbound Marketing, we are told that Google Ads campaigns for mobile applications are relatively cheap to trigger downloads. Adwords support search targeting, network monitors, YouTube, etc.

International Promotion for your App

The contribution of bloggers and influencers, national and international, could be very economical and a great return on investment. For the launch of your Google Play Store Apps, it would be convenient to create press releases and send it to social networks.

Also, install a page of prospecting or landing page is very convenient to promote your best Apps.  We can also promote our App on our own social networks. It is advisable to create different landing pages in different languages to be able to attack different countries and apply different online marketing techniques. The internationalization of an app and web page is not easy and you have to take into account different aspects.

For example, for Google AdS campaigns we will have to take into account mainly the language, make the copies in the respective language and launch the campaign in the respective country. However, for international SEO, the thing complicates us since we will have to work pod language and country.

Inbound marketing provides great advantages to the companies that apply it. Therefore, it is important to take it into account for Google Play Store Apps.


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