Personal presence in social networks, a way to achieve success

Personal presence in social networks-Are you 70% of the world population that has a social network ?, Which is your favorite? Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn … There is no doubt that people have a personal presence on social networks, they are there by clicking, sharing comments, photos, videos, etc.

All this information is of great value, it can serve us to generate ideas, know our consumers and create new campaigns based on their true needs and interests. It is a way to relate to our audience and get great results. I recommend reading: Social networks, among the most used customer service channels . And although it is evident that social networks provide us with unimaginable data, it is not enough to start a session in any of these social networks and to start reading what people say, it is not an easy task, we must first: plan.

This does not only mean knowing which message to send, answering questions or using a tool to schedule comments for next days. You have to investigate and know what is the social network used by our customers, maybe we have preference for one or the other, but if our target audience is not there, but has a personal presence in social networks, our effort will be of no use.

How to have a personal presence in social networks?

Personal presence in social networks

You have to know where the Internet users are, who they are, what they are looking for. For this purpose, planning in social networks will be useful, so take into account the following:

Know the objectives and strategies of your company

If you want to have a personal presence in social networks, or start a campaign to position your brand, product or service, you must first know and understand the strategy of the company, what is your goal or what you want achieve with this. With this information you can formulate a good strategy and know what you can offer your audience. Use Social Networks to improve your web positioning .

Make a diagnosis of your competition

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Know the areas of opportunity you will have, what are the trends, the possible problems you may face. Here it is also important that you detect who are the brand ambassadors or your likely detractors to formulate specific strategies and prevent any problems. Remember that throughout your social media campaign you will have to connect with your community, provide them with quality content, so you should start planning this much sooner.

Know your audience

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Do not guess! Many times you can think things that are not. You must obtain real information from your audience, what motivates them to have a personal presence in social networks, behavior, interests, demographics, etc. This will also help you to know how to approach them. You should also plan different strategies to know what to offer them.

Interact in each social network as it should be

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Remember that each network is different, so your way of playing in each must be different. That is why we also say that it is important to know each of the audiences that are present there, to know at what moment you should or should not interact. Each social network has its own voice and the content is also worked in another way. Here are some tips on how to connect emotionally with our followers in social networks .

Remember that the public will be aware of your personal presence in social networks, of what you publish, so you must do it well. Know the good practices of each one and mark specific objectives for each of them. Do not fill them with propaganda, keep in mind that a good marketing campaign consists of offering content at the right time. 5) Monitor what was planned

Remember that planning is vital, but the practice will give you the bases so that you can measure the results of your personal presence in social networks. Supervise every detail, take the necessary notes, establish deadlines and meet them. Now, it is time to be in contact with your audience, stimulate interaction and be open to answer any questions, comments or suggestions. Good luck, I assure you that it will be a very fun process and where you will surely find great opportunities for your business.


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