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At Uphilltechno.com we always work to be up to date, writing useful content of the highest quality. In each publication, we talk about what we want to share and consider of interest to users of different profiles: from the analysis of current issues or guides to good practices, to interesting newsrooms of different themes.

If you like to write, we would love to collaborate with you. Do you dare?


Before you contact us because you want to write to us we want you to understand to what extent our guest blogging system works. If you are looking to place a text passed by a spinner with one or more outgoing links to pages of low authority. This is not your site. Published articles must meet a series of requirements:


Uphilltechno.com is a technology-based site. Our blog is about topics related to:

Digital Marketing: News, tricks, tips, changes in the main platforms … General information related to marketing through networks, web, or PPC platforms.
SEO: We have a team of SEO experts who prepare high-relevance content for this sector. Positioning guides, web optimization tips, step manuals, trends, tricks, and a compendium of useful tips, expressed in a didactic way, that point to a general sector with certain technical knowledge.
SEM: Our analysts check all the information we publish about PPC platforms. The orientation given to this type of content must be eminently didactic, aimed at transferring the return that can be obtained with SEM campaigns, its optimization, it’s monitoring, and its key performance indicators.
Web Design: We are passionate about web design and we love everything that has to do with new trends, tips for page optimization, visual parameters, mobile navigation optimization … everything that falls within this sector is viable for our blog.


As we said, we are an online marketing agency, we know the reason why 90% of navigators request space to make a guest posting. So if you are looking for a blog where to put an article of 500 words, that you have gone through a spinner, with a backlink to your website … go back to where you have come.


Quality articles: We are interested in original and quality content. If your article meets both requirements, you can publish it. This article will refer to its author and its author’s website.
Lists of services and products: Whenever they deal with services and products related to web design, positioning, PPC, or any other sector closely related to Digital Marketing.
Quantitative studies: Any quantitative study with a solid foundation to be seen in marketing, market research, digital marketing, or social platforms is welcome. We do not accept qualitative studies of any kind. All articles must contain a correctly referenced bibliography. The publication will refer to its author, its website, or the website of its research team.

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