The best car maintenance apps

Vehicle maintenance can be a daunting task since it is difficult to remember to schedule interventions such as changing the oil or replacing the brake pads. Car maintenance apps help us keep track of our vehicle, with regular maintenance reminders, service logs, fuel monitoring and much more. So let’s see which are the best apps for car maintenance.

Best car maintenance apps?

Carfax Car Care

With the free Carfax Car Care app, we can track maintenance on up to eight vehicles, making it a great choice for large families or anyone managing a small fleet. Provides service reminders based on a specific car model and quickly alerts you to perform any safety checks. For this reason, it is one of the best tools for vehicle maintenance.


Drivvo is another free app that allows us to keep track of the amount of fuel purchased as well, in addition to other checks, so it is convenient for both private drivers and professionals. The app also classifies vehicle expense information into graphs, so you can better manage those expenses. Excellent customer service also sets this app apart, as it offers professional and super fast support.


If we hate paper receipts, we will appreciate the mobile scanning function of the free AUTOsist app, which converts maintenance receipts into digital records that can be consulted at any time, even in offline mode. If we are looking to sell a car, AUTOsist can send all receipts to the prospective buyer with a single click.

My Car

With effective cost tracking, maintenance reminders and a simple and intuitive interface, the free My Car app offer everything we would expect from top-notch car maintenance software. This application can support any vehicle and allows you to easily integrate information from other similar applications.


The features offered by the free Fuelly app make it perfect for anyone who wants to always have all the information relating to their machine at hand. In fact, every time information is entered through the app. It is automatically added to our account, which can be reached at The app also offers the option to send a report by email via Excel file.

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