How to use web applications to make a mobile app

The excessive increase in the number of sites and existing web applications, you decided to give your idea to make a mobile app. To boost it, you required some creative ideas to create a website with the resources you had. You got to work, developed your idea or business on the web and ended up benefiting from all the advantages of being available in the largest showcase in the world.

In recent years, you may have detected that your web application is not used as much as previous years. And this is having a significant impact on the success of it. In addition, many of your customers suggest that your idea is available on major mobile platforms.  It would greatly facilitate them to be able to access from anywhere, with any device and at any time. After all, the app market is in continuous growth due to the increase in the penetration of mobile phones and tablets in our country.

make a mobile app

How to make a mobile app

And you ask yourself:  if I already have a web application that allows me to be accessible from any device that has an Internet connection, why should I have a mobile app? How about if I make a mobile app?  What is the difference between a web and a mobile app? “

Reflect for a second. Surely at this time, you have a mobile device very close to you. In your pocket, on the table or maybe you are using it right now to read this article. If you look around you will see that almost anyone, regardless of sex or age, has a mobile device. Smartphones, tablets, wearables … But not only that, browse the catalogs of the main application stores of mobile operating systems. Almost any company that develops its activity on the Internet already has a mobile app.

Impact of mobile technologies on society

But if you need more evidence, below is a series of data that reflects the impact of mobile technologies on society today:

make a mobile app
Image source: Statista

This graph shows the benefits generated by the market of mobile applications since 2015, during 2016 and foreseeing the evolution until 2020. In 2015 revenues amounted to 69.7 billion dollars. In 2020 it is expected that this market will amount to 188.9 million dollars.

make a mobile app
Image source: Statista

This second graph shows the increase of web traffic on mobile platforms around the world from 2009 until last year. The most pronounced increase can be seen from 2013. In addition this last year, mobile devices cover more than 50% of web traffic. Studied by: Statista.

Native apps and hybrid apps to turn your web app into a mobile app

You have a web app and you want to make a mobile app. Think about what is the best option for your business idea?

It is time for you to come back to differentiate yourself and consider converting your web application into a mobile application. In here, we recommend two types of ad-hoc solutions whatever the needs, purpose and objectives of your idea:

Native applications

A native application is a specific solution developed for the main mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

When to develop a native application?  The time when our idea needs a plus of stability and performance with respect to the system it uses, it is mainly based on the concept of mobility and we also need it to be integrated with features of the hardware of a mobile device, such as applications that operate with the camera of photos, augmented reality applications that make use of their own wireless connections such as Bluetooth or NFC. They also offer the advantage of being available without requiring an Internet connection to be used, although this obviously depends on the type of functionality that is used at all times.

make a mobile app

Hybrid applications

A unique solution is developed that adapts to any platform. A web application is developed, which follows the responsive design pattern that can adapt to any device, whatever the resolution of it.

Some of the technologies we use are Angular, Ionic or VueJS for the frontend, as well as NodeJS or more modern, more powerful and complete solutions such as NestJS for the development of API’s This, allows our applications to be based on the concepts of web development most influential today, such as object-oriented programming and reactive programming.

In addition, as you need to be available in the markets as if it were a native application, we made the second step of development that would be to convert this web application into a hybrid application, encapsulating it, for example with Apache Cordova. Encapsulating it as a hybrid application also provides the advantage of using the hardware resources of the device as if it were a native application.


The interesting thing is that these two concepts can coexist in perfect harmony and we can use a web application to make a mobile app.  This mobile app will cooperate in different areas of use, to capture as many users as possible. Each case is different and will depend on your idea or business, as well as the budget available and the speed at which you want to implement this change in your application, with what type of solution you have left.


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