Companies continue to consider digital marketing tools a challenge

Currently, the tools that are still used in companies are analog due to the fact that there is a certain delay in using digital marketing tools in strategy channels. As companies have an established dynamic in terms of their communication with the rest of the market, it is difficult to fully introduce the digital marketing tools that would be very beneficial for them. Everything and be difficult, it is important that you strive to arrive in a more dynamic and close to your audience through social networks.

Challenges of introducing digital marketing tools

Today the society looks for companies through the Internet and social networks and mostly does not have much time and the information they need. The information they receive from these companies must be clear, fast and concise in order to convince the public in a few seconds, of another way the person will get tired of receiving a lot of unnecessary information and will dispense with said company.

In this way, any company that wants to make itself known must be present in social networks and offer information to its public in a much clearer and direct way.

On this subject, Lluís Torra, president of the Barcelona Marketing Club, presented at the conference, The faces of marketing: professional profiles, which companies continue to allocate a large part of their budgets to classic marketing.

digital marketing tools

According to Club Marketing Barcelona, we understand that there is a big difference between what companies dedicate to do with digital marketing tools and what people currently move on social networks. It is logical that companies have a dynamic that is difficult to change and the bigger the company, the more difficult that transformation will be. It is not the same in the world of start-ups that have opted for digital tools and with a much younger profile of professional workers.

The profile currently available to the marketing department is more creative than technical, although currently more technical profiles are also hired as engineers, mathematicians and physicists.

There is a document that shows a good moment for employment in the sector: 62% of the professionals surveyed have received some job offer in the last year and highlights that 52% are women. But the data also show a wage gap of great importance between men and women.

As a conclusion, companies still have a long way to go until they have a more direct and trustworthy relationship with all their potential customers. It is a matter of renewing themselves and including more and more new digital marketing tools in their marketing strategy.


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