Most used Social Networks and how to strengthen your personal brand with them

Personal brand-The concept of personal branding is something that we have been dealing with in previous articles. It is what any person is capable of projecting towards others: their image, their personality, their abilities, their experience among other things. We all have a “personal brand” whether we want it or not. Even if we are not aware of it or do not want to build it or develop it based on a strategy we have set for ourselves. And as we have been saying is closely related to our professional development.

Social Networks are part of our day to day and when it comes to managing and strengthening our personal brand it is important to know which ones we should focus on.  Social networks are necessary when managing your content, create community and increase our online reputation. And with it our brand . We can say that if we know where our target audience is moving and which platforms are the most used. Our possibilities of strengthening our personal brand will be greater.

The study conducted by IAB Spain annually since 2009 pursues three objectives:

  • Quantify the evolution of the penetration of Social Networks and the profile of users
  • Understand the knowledge and use of Social Networks
  • Evaluate the perception of saturation of social media advertising and the link with (commercial) brands

How to strengthen your personal brand?

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Taking into account that in a personal brand we value the professional aspect but also the experience of life and the perception that others can have of us. We can adapt this study to our interests in order to make the most of it as far as possible are the most used Social Networks by the Spanish. Of course when our scope of action is Spain and so focus our actions on those platforms that suit us. It is not about being in all. But about proposing which are the most appropriate in our market niche. And taking advantage of them in our strategy as if it were a commercial brand.

A first conclusion to be drawn is that  9 out of 10 people who use the Internet in Spain are connected through a Social Network or several, in total 19 Million according to the last report we have just seen. Hence the importance of knowing in which Social Networks we must put all our effort for the development of our brand.

Here is an image with the most used Social Networks included in the study:

If we want to strengthen our personal brand it is clear that we must know which of them we should be in. And that is why we are going to see what social networks in 2017 are being used the most and therefore optimize them to the maximum to enhance our personal brand:

Social Networks in your personal branding strategy

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It remains the most used social network for another year in USA. The concept we have of Facebook is that of a social network that we use to relate to environments that are closer to our daily life. The user of Facebook usually shares his experiences. His hobbies, his experiences and his tastes. To have optimal results in Facebook we must know all the possibilities offered by the platform:

  • Have both options: personal profile and page
  • The names of your personal profile and of your Fan Page should be similar but not the same; professionalize your Fan Page
  • The publications of your personal profile must be different from your Fan Page. Do not confuse your contacts or bombard them with your post.
  • Use the advertising that Facebook allows you to promote your publications to be able to segment correctly and reach the audience that interests you.


Undoubtedly the number one video platform not only in Spain but worldwide. YouTube has become something more than the site to watch music videos. It is already a network where we can demonstrate our knowledge and skills. YouTube has become the second most used search engine in the world because it is not only used to find fun videos or music. But more and more users use it to search for information about products before buying them. It is perfect to complement our post and contribute to humanize our personal brand. In fact, Facebook is also competing with YouTube giving prominence to the audiovisual format.

It is clear that through You tube you can offer valuable video content and make it more interesting for some users than in text. And on the other hand and in the face of SEO. The video has a lot of visibility and positions very well. How can YouTube help us boost our personal brand?


The microblogging platform we had occasion to talk about recently about creating a community in a successful way, has a more professional profile and is mainly chosen by users to inform and interact with others with common interests. Prima immediacy and speed. The topics that become trend or trendin topic have great repercussion.


The Social Network of photos and videos is one of the Social Networks (together with Telegram) with the greatest increase in frequency of use compared to last year. It is clear that it is a platform that we can take into account in our personal branding strategy whenever it is appropriate to it. An article in the newspaper Expansion talks about Instagram as a portal to which companies go to see the lifestyle of their candidates. And check something that sometimes only with images can be transmitted: their values. Instagram is the only social network with 100% reach which means that everything you publish reaches all your followers. What can you do for your personal brand Instagram?

Google Plus

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This Social Network is perhaps the least widespread. However its use is more widespread than it seems. Obviously it is the social network of Google and therefore it is fundamental for the diffusion of contents especially if our intention is to give notoriety to our brand. What can Google Plus do for our personal brand?


Undoubtedly LinkedIn is the perfect Social Network to make branding and work your personal brand. LinkedIn is according to the study of IAB Spain the 4th most remembered Social Network spontaneously. How can you take advantage of what LinkedIn can offer to your personal brand?


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Pinterest is that platform to share images where the user creates and manages boards by themes, collections of images, personal interests, etc. It is a Social Network that can be very much used if we use it correctly. How can we work on Pinterest in our personal branding strategy?

As we have seen, we have made a tour of the 7 most used Social Networks in Spain  based on the study that IAB Spain made studying the penetration and user profile as well as its link with brands to bring it closer to our personal branding strategy and thus take them out maximum match. It is not about being in all, in our personal branding strategy we must know which are more conducive to our niche market and how we should use them taking into account all the information provided by these studies about users, habits, how they access them and how they use them to get the most out of them, including them  in our personal branding strategy. Is there any of these Social Networks to which you should pay more attention?


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