Tips to optimize your site for Bing search

While Google has more than 2/3 of the Internet Bing search market in its hands. There are other search engines out there and they make up the remaining 33%, which is equivalent to many millions of searches every day. Most people (where I include myself) have a preference for Google. But anyone who takes care of the SEO of a site should not forget that there are other search engines. And therefore other opportunities to attract more visitors to our website. Today we will give you some tips to optimize our portal for Microsoft’s Bing search engine, and thus try to get more visits.

Bing currently has a market share close to 20%, while Yahoo has a 9% and other minor search engines are left with the rest. We are talking about Bing being the second most used Internet search engine. Therefore it is important to pay attention to it. One thing must be highlighted: Bing is preferred by people over 25 years of age. Since users younger than that age usually turn to Google. And it is also widely used by people who perceive medium-high income. With this in mind, let’s go to the important thing:

Bing search requirements

site for Bing search

Like Google, Bing also has certain requirements to index websites, and in fact they are quite similar:

  • This has always been a key element present in all the Bing search engines. The faster your site is, the better you position it.
  • txt: this is the first thing that Bing bots will search on your site. Make sure it is present and configured.
  • A sitemap (site map): it is also among the first files searched.
  • Redireccionamientos: Bing values ​​the redireccionamientos, especially the 301, and in fact recommends to use it.

Indexing :

The initial indexing of our site is very simple, since we only have to send it to Bing and sit down to wait. If we are doing things correctly, in a couple of weeks our website will be positioned among the Bing search results, although probably not on the first page.

Adding the site to your Bing Webmaster Tools account also helps at this point.

The domain

optimize your site for Bing search

 here the extension of the domain and its age is taken into account. For Bing, domains are like wines, meaning that the older the better. That’s not all, because in addition the “official” domains of the style .org, .gub, .edu, etc. they are more benefited.


best Bing search

Bing algorithms are not as complex as those of Google. Since Microsoft’s search engine prefers simple and simple keywords. Google, on the other hand, looks for key “words” that are practically converted into phrases and sentences. To get Bing’s attention, place your keywords on labels such as H1 and H2, in the title and in meta descriptions.


 Perhaps the most noticeable difference between Google and Bing is Flash. While the first one rejects it completely. The second receives it with open arms. Of course, using a lot of Flash can be a double-edged sword, since you’ll like Bing. But Google (which has a higher market share) will not be happy at all.

Social networks

discover Bing search

social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter can also influence Bing. The more your content is shared in these media. The more likely you are to like the Bing search engine.

In conclusion, Bing is not a popular search engine, although that does not mean that it does not process many millions of queries every month. It is certainly an engine that can give a boost to our website. And it is expected that in the future it will have an increasing influence.


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