5 Tools to know your article position in Google

Article position– Some time ago we shared a popular topic from Intranet working to help webmasters use  keywords search tools, in order to define the keywords of our niche that we could best attack.

After this, I guess many of you may have been inspired, optimize SEO On Page. Surely focusing on several keywords that want to article position in their respective pages. True?

When we start in the SEO world, we often forget something fundamental apart from looking at the statistics of Google Analytics. And Search Console, and is to track the keywords for which we want to article position in Google.

Top Tools to know your article position in Google

article position in Google

Although Search Console , and Analytics can indicate in one way or another the keywords for which we are better positioned.  They do not offer all the detail that other tools specialized in this task do. And here is where the question arises:

Is it so necessary to monitor the article position of your keywords?

  • Really yes, it is very necessary in fact to begin to monitor the article position for which you are ranked in Google.
  • This will allow you to measure several things, such as:
  • If the SEO optimization strategy you are using is correct. You will see how your pages rise quickly, at medium level or stand out and never reach the top 10.
  • Analyze your competition, and see if you lose some keywords thanks to them, to determine what things they are doing that you do not.
  • See which keywords are established as solid and never move from the top positions, where you are the undisputed leader.
  • Check the positioning in different countries of the world simultaneously.

Top 5 best tools for monitoring keywords / SERPs

your article position in Google

As we see, it is very necessary if we want to address the SEO of our page seriously. Now that we know how important it is. Let’s look at the best tools for monitoring article position in Google and other search engines.


  • Serp Book is one of the best keywords monitoring tools we can recommend.
  • Thanks to this utility, you can start analyzing the ranking of keywords from any computer or mobile device.
  • It will allow you to measure the advance or recession of your keywords by certain factors, including:
  • Search in different Spanish speaking countries (Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, etc) and Anglo-Saxon (United States, UK, Australia, etc).
  • See progress through days and weeks.
  • Add notes to see the methods used in each keyword. And be able to detect which ones work and which ones do not according to the progress.
  • Share information with your clients in case you are a marketing agency. Or SEO in different formats such as Excel, PDF or via Email.
  • It has a super friendly interface, easy to use by any user that is not technical or computer.
  • Price : from $ 13 dollars / month.


SERP Woo is another gem of the favorite SEO tools used by many online marketing professionals. This is together with SERPBook. The second tool that we can recommend to monitor keywords. Some of its features include:

  • Monitoring of keywords defining different countries of the world.
  • Control of keywords, as well as reputation and competence directly.
  • Niche monitoring to see which ones are most suitable for your strategy and market.
  • Monitor the possibilities of ranking in a specific niche with specific keywords.
  • See the results as shown by Google in its different languages.
  • Successful detection of updates released by Google to its algorithm.
  • The only counter of SERP Woo is that it is not as cheap as SERP Book.
  • In the free version allows tracking of up to 3 keywords without paying.

RANK Tracker

Tools to know your article position

This is another of the most renowned SERP utilities to have strict control of your keywords at all times. it is our number 3 choice without a doubt.

Rank Tracker is used by professionals of SEO and Digital Marketing for years. As a great ally to control the article position of keywords web.

Among its features it stands out for:

  • Be a platform for classifying local, global keywords in different languages.
  • It allows to add several websites, at the same time that it analyzes different search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.
  • It allows updates in real time, analyzing competitors directly.
  • Generation of reports with incredible details about the positioning.
  • Compatible with desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Allows the use of different users for the same account.

Inform about possibilities to improve the ranking in certain keywords, and thus increase your income.

Rank Tracker makes it easy to track the daily performance of keywords in real time. Analyzes competitors, creates detailed reports and identifies opportunities that can increase profits. And drive business growth. Other range tracking tools are clumsy, complicated and unreliable. Rank Tracker is powerfully simple, instantly actionable. And trusted by thousands of SEO companies and professionals around the world.


Semrush is one of the most used SEO tools today by various types of digital professionals. This does not mean that it is the best, but that they have a great marketing in reality. And that’s why he won our # 4 spot and not # 1 or # 2, actually.

Semrush offers an SEO package that, among all things, will allow you to track article position. Although it is not a tool 100% specialized in this, such as the ones mentioned above.

Among its tracking features we can highlight:

  • Track your positions for any keyword in the top 100 positions.
  • Discover which are your main competitors and their most outstanding keywords.
  • Possibility of using tags in your keywords, in order to identify used methods.
  • Possibility to see web positioning depending on the type of device (desktop, tablet or mobile)
  • Distinguish between words with organic article position or payment.


Ahrefs is another great SEO utility used by many entrepreneurs and webmasters. Like SEMRush, it is a complete platform for SEO analysis. Which also includes analysis of keywords and their subsequent positioning.

Its most notable options are:

  • Analysis of local keywords: perform a SERP study in real time to determine your positioning from anywhere in the world.
  • Positioning difficulty: it allows you to determine how difficult positioning is for that keyword you are using. And see if it is worth the effort or not.
  • Organic traffic analysis: you can also analyze all the organic traffic of your site. And what are the keywords that most visitors bring to your website.
  • article position history SERP: this is an interesting feature that will allow you to see how you were positioned a long time ago and how are you today.
  • Detection of backlinks: easy and fast, find out what are the backlinks that are backing a certain keyword.
  • Integration with other tools: it allows integrating the SERP analysis with the other tools of Ahref’s account, making it an excellent alternative to analyze the rest of the SEO.
  • Price: from $ 82 dollars / month

Alternative tools for monitoring free keywords

discover article position in Google

The tools that we present before are characterized by offering some free versions or trials. But they do not offer all the possibilities until you have a paid account. Although many of them are very cheap, some webmasters and SEO enthusiasts who just start have no funds yet to invest in them.

That’s why we present below a couple of links to free tools that will surely help you. Some of them check SERPs online from a web. And others with extensions of the Chrome or Firefox browser.


As we have seen, SERP analysis tools exist and many. If you already have enough earnings in your websites to be able to pay SERPBook or SERPWoo (our recommended), then go ahead. You will be having a greater and better control over the evolution of your keys.

And if you just start you should never forget the use of some of these article position free tools  that we have mentioned here. In addition to others such as the classic Google Analytics or Search Console.


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