The importance of adaptable design: Responsive Web Design

Adaptable design– Responsive Web Design or Responsive Design, is a technique to design the sites so that they are adaptable to all devices. especially taking into account the different screen resolutions of these. When accessing a responsive page, it has to adapt to the device either by adjusting the sources and images. Moving objects from place, that is, improving the web so that the user sees it in the best possible way.

These are some of the most important points to bear in mind when it comes to adaptive web design or adaptable design:


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As we all know when a person enters a website does not necessarily do it through a desktop or laptop as they used to do a few years ago. But has the ability to use your mobile, tablet, TV, etc. Which means that when creating a website you have to think of a way to work correctly regardless of the device used. That is nothing less than the objective of the adaptable design. Which aims is that the user receives the best experience. Because the web is properly adapted to whatever device is used to access.


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By using responsive you are saving the cost of having your site in several versions depending on which devices are used. And not only the cost of production but also the maintenance of SEO and so on. With this setting you also ensure that the attention is focused on a single site. So you can improve it to the maximum and without worrying about having to update the other versions.


By having a single adaptable site, duplicate URLs of different versions are avoided. Let’s also think that all the searches will be carried out on a single site. Thus avoiding confusions of URLs destined to mobile but that are seen in computers or vice versa. Which is not only much faster but also effective.


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This philosophy is highly recommended by Google. And if we start thinking it makes all the sense since most of the searches come from that search engine. And taking into account that the use of responsive decreases the sites and URLs by 50%, less for mobile-friendly sites. We’ll see that it could not be otherwise. As always Google seeks to improve its search speed and this is clearly affected in sites that do not use responsive. So it has already been reported that websites that do not use responsive will be increasingly in the background of the list of results.


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This is because all the entries will be directed to the same site. Also keep in mind that nowadays there is Wi-Fi practically anywhere. Therefore if the web is adapted to any device it can also be visited by users at any time and place. Also the popularity increases because the more comfortable it will be accessed more frequently. And for longer by users, while if it is very difficult to navigate through mobile phones. Or tablets it is more likely that there are fewer accesses, or that is accessed only from desktops or laptops.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that today having an adaptable design (Responsive Design) on our sites is extremely important. Both to position better in search results as well as for the comfort of visitors. As more and more People surf the Internet through mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.


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