These countries have the best postgraduate and master’s degrees in architecture in the world

Are you planning to study for a Master’s Degree in Architecture and still haven’t decided in which country to do it? Don’t worry, here we will tell you which are the best countries and postgraduate studies to study this year.

Nowadays, many young people or recent university graduates ask themselves the same question: Continue studying or start working? It is true that in many of our Latin American countries the economic situation is not the most optimal to think about choosing any of the postgraduate degrees in Architecture that exist and continue studying, which forces us to have to work even while we study.

But hey, some or many if they can give themselves the opportunity to ask themselves that question or do master’s degrees with a scholarship, but the question is, where do I do my graduate studies? Well, here we will tell you which are the 5 best countries for postgraduate studies in Architecture abroad. Without further ado, we begin with the count.

1. Australia

Australia, as we all know, is one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world, in addition to having established itself in recent decades as one of the best destinations to learn English, it is also worth noting the high quality of its university education.


There is a group made up of 8 universities that have excellent study programs in practically all areas of knowledge, in addition to the fact that these Universities are focused on 100% research, with which they automatically become Recommended Universities for postgraduate studies. These study centers publish an extensive number of doctoral theses each year, the Universities in question are those of the cities of Adelaide, Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney, Western Australia, Australian National, Monash, and New South Wales.

2. Germany

If you want an architecture Master in Europe then Germany is an option. Germany is another first-world European country that has all the necessary characteristics to be able to carry out a postgraduate degree in Architecture, education, and Universities in Germany are those that enjoy the highest index of academic quality in Europe and the world, in addition to They, have the modern equipment and technology to carry out postgraduate research. As far as research is concerned, Germany is one of the main research countries in Europe, since each year between 17,000 and 20,000 doctoral theses are carried out.

According to recent studies and research, there are 39 German universities among the 500 best in the world. While German higher education schools are only behind the most prestigious American universities.

3. United States

Precisely in our count, we continue with the United States, this country has some of the most prestigious universities in the world, among which we can find the following: Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Berkeley, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, among many others, However, Among the public universities that have a reputation for their research we can find the University of Michigan and Berkeley, as well as the University of Los Angeles.

Due to its economic potential, its excellent academic quality, and the prestige of its schools. The United States is the perfect destination to study for a postgraduate degree in architecture. Definitely, the most striking thing about the United States and its education is its academic programs of excellence. In addition to the fact that many study centers offer exchange scholarships with many institutions in the world.

4. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is another country that we have to include in this count since some of the best Universities specialized in research and postgraduate studies are located there. Among the Universities that offer the best study programs and of excellent quality we can find the following: Cambridge, Oxford, and the Imperial College of London. It’s quality of life, as well as its high educational standards, place the United Kingdom as one of the best countries to study for a postgraduate degree.

Of course, in order to enter and study in one of these renowned universities, we must have an excellent command of the English language, a “disadvantage” of this country to call it in some way is its expensive quality of life, so if you plan to go to study to the United Kingdom try to have something saved or get a scholarship.

5. China

China currently leads the ranking of the most powerful economies in the world and is one of the countries that grow the most economically per year. In a few years according to forecasts, it will become the first world power surpassing the United States. China is those that have to do with Engineering and Architecture. There is an increasing number of universities and business schools that admit foreign students in this country. Most of them are awarded scholarships by the Chinese government or by the governments and private institutions of their countries of origin.

Currently, more than 400 university centers in China receive students from all corners of the planet. The Tongji University in Shanghai is one of the most requested for studies related to Engineering and Architecture. One of the disadvantages of this country has to do clearly with the customs and lifestyle that is very different from that of Latin America.


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