I want to create a wordpress blog: which is the best? This is my experience

When creating a word press blog, the Internet offers a wide variety of platforms. Which one should you choose? Always the ideal is to open a website with all the features you want, a professional appearance, many menus, etc. But, the truth is that everything depends on what is the use and the objective we have when we consider creating a word press blog.

Today I can tell you that since I started to get into the world of the Internet. I have gone through the three most popular platforms or types of sites:

  • A free blog on Blogger
  • A free website (with paid options) on WordPress.com
  • A paid website

In my case, it was an evolution. I want to tell you that when I created my first word press blog. I knew very little about web pages and my only goal was to comment on movies I had seen. The intention was, if you like, to make the blog a kind of personal diary film.

Then, I decided that, even being just a hobby, I wanted him to look a little more professional. And since I had already learned some Word Press stuff for a job. I ventured to create my site on that platform for free.

It was nice, but there was one thing that a person who knows a lot about the internet suggested to me. Buy the domain. That is, I pay; I think about 8 dollars a year.

When I set out to open this site that you are reading, I wanted to take it seriously. And that means that creating a free word press blog was not an option. So I decided to get into the almost unknown waters of the paid hosting world. I had read a few months ago a very useful article that explained how to have your own site without having to know about design or programming or anything like that. So I said, well, let’s do it, and I hired there the hosting and the domain.

Create a word press blog: which one to choose

experience word press blog

Although my experience in the world of hosting is just beginning, I can give you some general opinions on the subject:

If you do not have professional or commercial intentions with your site and you have not gone through the experience of creating a word press blog, starting with Blog spot makes sense. It is not a recommended option if you want to have an online presence, but it gives you everything served on a tray and at no cost.

WordPress.com is the ideal platform to start because it is free and relatively simple. It also allows you to improve your website by paying for some extras, such as your own domain, your own email, etc. And the other advantage is that you can move your content to a paid hosting in the future. The contract? When you export the site, you can lose some things on the way. It also does not allow monetizing with Google Ad sense.

I want to create a word press blog

Creating a blog with a paid hosting is the ideal option because it looks professional, you have your custom URL, you can add many plugging and it allows you to add inserted ads and banners. While you have to pay, the cost is quite low. The bad thing, perhaps, is that you have to have a certain idea of ​​armed web. That is, either you know a bit about the topic or you directly hire someone to do it for you. If your intention is to create a word press blog or page for professional or commercial purposes, consider contracting a paid hosting, it is the best in the long term.


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