5 Alternatives to Steam that you should use if you want Linux games

The arrival of Steam in the world of video games has been a giant advantage for gamers around the world. The task of making available millions of old and new titles in the same place and with just a few clicks made the service the favorite of gamers. Its arrival to Linux also generated a huge impact among the community, which from the portal could use the best titles for the platform thanks to its support for independent developers. However, there are also other companies that have dedicated themselves to compete with alternatives to Steam in the field of free software.

So today we bring a list of 5 services that you should use if you need alternatives to Steam.

LutrisAlternatives to Steam

Lutris represents one of the excellent alternatives to Steam on the Linux platform. Account with a client that makes possible the administration of the games from the computer and likewise, it is possible to download and buy them. Its main attraction is that its catalog of games consists of totally independent titles. Which follow the philosophy of free software. It’s good functioning from Wine allows the download of hundreds of games for Windows.

Itch.ioAlternatives to Steam

Another great alternative for Steam in which you can buy many games for Linux. It incorporates a client from where you can manage and buy titles. In Itch.io any developer can create an account, load their own games and create a store within the platform. In this sense, the creators of indie games have a showcase where they can show their work and make a profit.

The portal manages hundreds of available titles for Linux. To start enjoying them in your distribution, follow this link.

GOGAlternatives to Steam

Although this service has games only compatible with Windows, the developers behind the project have done everything possible so that they can be executed and have a good performance from Wine. GOG does not need a client to run games, you just have to enter the portal from here, acquire the title you want and start enjoying it from your computer without further requirements.

GameJoltAlternatives to Steam

Ideal if what you are looking for are indie titles for your distribution. This service has support for the main variants of Linux. In addition to its focus on independent games allows any developer to start their own store within the portal. Also, its API offers the possibility to directly upload updates to all the games that you have uploaded.

Humble BundleAlternatives to Steam

This service offers a pretty decent catalog of Linux games, which you can get using your client. Humble Bundle also has a good amount of games totally free for download. On the other hand, the purchase of games in this service gives the user the possibility of donating a part of the cost as a charity for the developers or any other cause.


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