How to Know Who Visits MY Facebook Profile?

When we think about those social platforms that are present in our day to day. We know that the one preferred by the majority of users. And in which we spend the most time, is undoubtedly Facebook, the creation of Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, we can not fail to take into account that millions of people all over the planet have their account and profile on this site and that thanks to this they can follow the news of their friends and acquaintances. We share the way to know Who Visits MY Facebook Profile.

However, it is also true that as many times we take the trouble to review the profiles of others to know some details of other users, probably the same happens with them and our own profiles. In this sense is that almost always readers are consulting us about the possible tricks that we can offer to access the information related to those who review our profiles.

For many, being able to know who visits our Facebook profile is a true fetish, and that has to do with the fact that someone of those people may be the one we like, or on the contrary, someone with whom we do not have a good relationship. However, and as much as you have tried, we are practically sure that until now you have not managed to know who reviews your Facebook profile, and that is why we want to help you in this regard.

Can I Know Who visits my Facebook Profile? Steps to follow

Starting from this initial question that surely many people have been made in recent times, we have to say that there are different methods to obtain information about it, but we must not be fooled either. We say this because the reality is that there is no free application that allows access to the data, although there are some other techniques that are a little more complex in which we are now going to fall back. It is clear that there is great distrust in this kind of programs or applications since in many cases they do anything or directly do nothing and we end up with malware in our mobile phone or computer. This time, I’ll show you effectively how to know who visits your profile on Facebook.

For that reason, we are going to teach you a method that can serve you as long as you have some knowledge related to the source code of the page, that is, in the same way as professionals do. We refer specifically to you can find out who has been visiting your Facebook following some steps that we will list below:

  • First, we will have to have installed the latest version of Google Chrome, which you can download from this link. Once you have installed, you ‘ll have to click the right mouse button anywhere on the page, and see that the phrase “View Source”, that when we open it teaches us a tab with the encrypted code of the page, as We can observe.
  • the previous step, once you are inside this tab codes, the next step will be to press the Ctrl + F command, so let ‘s open the search text, which will appear just below the address bar to the right. Once we have done it, we will have to write “FriendsList” right there and hit Enter.
  • You should then highlight a part of the code with the tag “FriendsList” , and in turn a series of numeric codes that appear below, which are neither more nor less than the id of the profiles that have visited your Facebook, although once you have to know that you can only find those profiles of people you have previously added as friends and not others.
  • Normally, when you do this test, starting with the phrase “FriendsList”, [], {“list”: “, the list of all the ids of users who have been visiting your Facebook page, as well as also those who have had the most interaction with you. Of course, we will not mention any real id, but an example of one of these could be “1581493213-2”. So to know who belongs, all you have to do is copy this number series except the script and the number it follows, then opens another window to copy the link and know who has been trying to learn more about you.

In this simple way, now you can know for sure which of your friends are interested in knowing you a little better. Although, in turn, be careful because others can carry out the same tutorial. And know that you have also been reviewing their profiles.

Are there Apps to Know Who Visits my Facebook Profile?Who Visits MY Facebook Profile

There are applications like “Kiran”, which is quite simple and has a very descriptive name. But with a very well developed interface, very comfortable and above all, taken care of. It has many good things in the app in question, among those we can see who looks at our photos. In this way, we can see who is dedicated to looking at our photos and even on what day they did. In addition, you can see who changed their profile photos. And when they do it specifically, knowing well who block us or remove them from friends.

It also has statistics that form a kind of ranking of publications. In this way, we can have accurate data to know which were the publications that I like the most. And we can know who is online at all times, when it is disconnected, when it is reconnected, etc. To be well informed maybe about that special person we want to talk to us at all times.

The app is also available for Windows computers, you only have to enter the website and from there download the app for your computer, we have tested it on Android and Windows and we must say that it is undoubtedly a very interesting app that It complies with everything it promises, to use it with great care as always to be able to know who visits your Facebook profile.

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What is Facebook Flat and what are its advantages?

Flatbook is an extension of Google Chrome that works for many things. The main one is undoubtedly the design change that makes Facebook, in general, leaving it in a simply great way, when you see the design that your Facebook can have really adapted to Internet 2.0 is simply fascinating, very good work of the developers of the extension. In turn, what it does is to meet with those who have recently chatted. And thus get a kind of possibility of who was visiting your profile lately, the issue is that this is not exactly safe.

The main attraction of this extension is, of course, the design change. Now Facebook has a flat style thanks to it. In this way, you can enjoy a touch of fresh air from the blue social network. Keep in mind that this also affects your performance by making Mark’s social network faster than ever. Also, we are on the left with an options bar from which we can access all the functions of Facebook faster in a considerably faster way.  In turn, we still have the chat available on the right side, although clearly redesigned.

Another interesting thing that is why many have installed it is that it is responsible for blocking all Facebook ads, so we are not going to see any advertising thanks to this extension, making the speed increase considerably as there is something less to load.

Deceptive applications

Finally, there is an application with which, in theory, you can know who is looking at your profile. This is called ” My Top Fans “, and you need to give permission. So that it can take data from your Facebook and can calculate who are the ones who visited it. We must bear in mind that this app is Fake, that is, it does not comply with what we want. It only tells you who you have the most recent chat with and nothing else.


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