Braindom: logic tests on Android devices

A boy plays in a small garden, under the supervision of two men. “Miles, Mom is waiting,” says one of them. “Miles, let’s go home,” insists the second. Which of the two is his father? A correct answer, between two options, with chance outside the possibilities. It is one of the dilemmas proposed in Braindom.


Braindom: Tricky Brain Puzzle- Mind Games is part of the Google Play catalog, as a free download game. Compatible with Android devices, it is a creation of Matchingham Games.

It is defined as a journey through 225 Levels, settling as one of the challenges more extensive logic of the market. Each of them is an independent challenge, with its own dilemma to be solved and its own protagonists. The level of difficulty increases as we progress. You will find braindom answers on the internet if you think you can’t answer it.

Following a simple and intuitive interface, we will not be able to access a level until we have completed the previous one. Now, what do they consist of? With headaches as the protagonists, we will face puzzles that require observation, attention, memorization, perspective gaze, perception, and visual speed.

The Puzzles of Braindom

We enter the world of Braindom with a question: What is the highest belt? It serves to discover how good reasoning will be above knowledge on any subject. Therefore, logic will be the main ally when it comes to finding the solution.

A green icon will invite us to continue. The red cross is not the end, since we can keep trying until we find the correct answer. No time pressures. The one who is the image of the game, a nice man, will give us some conversation before moving on to the next challenge, and so on until the end of time.

We will look for the correct puzzle pieces and jump high to avoid falling off the cliff. We will identify the mother of a baby. To the father of a child. We will memorize a sequence of fruits and look for the objects in a chaotic scene. They will wake up a cat.

We will spin a wheel. We will specialize in silhouettes. Meanwhile, we will investigate the lost mobile. We will locate the logo that does not exist. The glass with more water. Thieves. We will pop bubbles. We will mix colors.

One of the great attractions of Braindom is the ability of its creators to offer puzzles so different from each other. Each start is a surprise in itself, not only because of the problem raised and because of the theme, but because of the handling.

The interaction with the environment is essential, and also changes with each puzzle. The drag system, necessary for some approaches, is useless compared to others where you have to turn. Or search, based on small blows. Hence when we get stuck, let’s try all of these techniques.

As his peculiar character already anticipates, chance can be useful in the first levels, but not in the following ones (hence the difficulty increases as we progress). It will not help to choose between A and B. We will need to find the evidence at the scene. It is always there, even if it takes work. Ultimately, we cannot hand over a child to just anyone.

Some luxury guides

Color reigns in this proposal. Through a nice and striking aesthetic, it is able to attract adults and children. It will serve as training of their minds, regardless of age, helping to find solutions to many of the daily problems.

The Brain Points are a way to measure progress. They are received by completing levels and grow with the viewing of ads and with the roulettes. They are a source of pride and a way to compare the achievements of the players. The tracks are also part of the experience, avoiding frustrating deadlocks.

The player will not be alone in the adventure. It will be accompanied by some of the most popular characters in history, with their many curiosities. Nikola Tesla, Marilyn Monroe, Ludwig van Beethoven, Amelia Earhart, Charles Chaplin, Leonardo da Vinci or Mahatma Gandhi are some of the guides.

With this, Braindom is not only an exercise to think but a journey through history, with data that brings us closer to the personality of great figures. Walk-through different sectors, such as science, literature, technology, cinema, music, painting, and sports, with a commitment to gender equality.

We will do it as entertainment in itself or as a way to end the downtime. Given how quickly the levels unfold and that wow factor, it’s hooked. It will be difficult to abandon it at the first change.

Those who opt for the free game model will be able to enjoy all the tests at no cost, although with advertising. When passing through the store we will eliminate it for more comfortable gameplay, while we acquire the valuable Brain Points. Its managers are committed to constant updating, with new levels and content.


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