Google WiFi: how it works and how to improve your home network

Google WiFi, the new commitment of Google to improve the WiFi of our home, is now available and comes with the aim to promote and provide better coverage of our wireless network at home. Thus, through a series of devices that we can distribute throughout our home as hotspots, we can multiply our own signal to obtain the best possible coverage in each and every one of the places in our home. Find out how this new technology works and the best tricks to get the best results at the wireless connection-level at home, including the functions of parental control and more.

How Google WiFi works and its best tricksGoogle WiFi

Google WiFi bases its idea on the positioning of different hotspots or repeaters around our home, in a much simpler and more direct way than current WiFi signal enhancement devices. Thus, and thanks to a controlled distribution of the different G- WiFi repeaters, we can obtain great results at the level of coverage of our WiFi network anywhere in our home. All in all, it is an ideal method for those users who need high power and WiFi network coverage, either for work or for playing online video games.

According to Google, we will need the following number of G-WiFi devices according to the size of our home:

  • A G- WiFi | House or apartment between 46 and 85 square meters.
  • Two G- WiFi | House between 85 and 170 square meters.
  • Three G- WiFi | House between 170 and 255 square meters.

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Parental control with G- WiFiGoogle WiFi

The Google WiFi application allows full control over the wireless connection in our home, even as parental control to control the internet use by the smallest of the house through simple steps, such as:

  • Schedule connection times at home, such as time to study or sleep.
  • Blocking access to websites with explicit or adult content.
  • Consultation of devices connected to our network.
  • Networking for guests.
  • Connection priority for selected devices.

What do you need to configure a G-WiFi network?

To create our own G- WiFi network at home we only need the standard internet connection router and the number of G-WiFi devices that we think necessary. Once configured, G- WiFi will create a wireless connection mesh between the devices located in our home, all to guarantee the best possible connection in any corner of the house, with the following advantages:

  • Automatic connection to the fastest point with the best coverage of the G- WiFi network.
  • Automatic connection to the least saturated channel of the G-WiFi network.
  • Use of the fastest G- WiFi band for our wireless devices.

Google WiFi settingsGoogle WiFi

Follow these steps to set up your Google WiFi network at home:


Below we detail the minimum requirements to use Google WiFi:

  • Google account.
  • Android device (Android version 4.0.3 or later) or iOS (version 8.0 or later).
  • Google WiFi application.
  • Broadband Internet connection.
  • Each point of Google Wifi needs an outlet.

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