How to Block Automatic Update of Android Apps

Do you want to start increasing the battery life of your Android smartphone but also save so many mega data connections in one go?

Start immediately by avoiding the automatic update of the Android Apps that happens through access to the Google Play Store.

The app on your Android device is updated continuously. Every day new updates are proposed but it always makes sense to run them?

You may notice the continuous presence of a series of automatic updates that your applications perform, even if they are often not of interest to you or may not be useful in your specific case.

Certainly you do not use all the apps every day and maybe you will have many on your Android device that you had installed simply to test them or because you only needed it at that time. In this specific case, you will then have to choose whether to keep the app but to block the automatic installation of the updates or to remove it completely.

Following the steps described here, you can not only avoid the automatic update of the Android Apps but also learn how to use your Android device, mobile phone or tablet that is more familiar.

Why Avoid Automatic Update of Android Apps?

Being able to avoid the automatic update of the Android app will bring two great benefits …

  • By avoiding it, you will be able to better control the costs and consumption of your data connection not going to use the (many) data of your 4G network in a useless way, thus being able to “keep aside” for better use
  • The update of Android applications often consumes a lot of battery and, especially in the older models that start having problems with the duration of the charge, this can become a problem

Even in the new models, however, the reckless and prolonged use of updates can cause the phone to overheat, which may not be “healthy”.

That’s why you should only decide how and when to update Android apps.

How not to upgrade Android apps to automatic

As a general rule, the applications you have downloaded from the Google Play Store will update automatically and on their own, passing on new data and even minimal changes to each occasion.

In fact, this setting has been inserted in order to make the devices on which the Android operating system is installed more “efficient”.

However, this feature can in many cases be useless and it can be much more sensible to avoid the automatic update of the Android Apps.

Now let’s see how to start the process by which to reverse the automatic updating process! It begins!

Apps update from Sun. How to Avoid It!

  1. Let’s start by opening the system app and installed by default Google Play Store
  2. Click on the icon at the top left of the main store screen (consisting of three horizontal lines)
  3. At this point, scroll down to analyze all the items that will be shown to you and choose Settings (marked with a gear icon)
  4. Also in this case you will have to scroll through the items on the new menu page until you reach the item Automatic app update

Clicking on it will appear a popup window in which you will be shown the three available options:

  • Do not automatically update apps
  • Automatically update apps at any time. Costs for data use may apply
  • Automatic app update only via Wi-Fi

To avoid the automatic update of the Android Apps you can opt for the first or third option.

If you choose the first option, the latter will allow you to perform the update only manually. So you and only you will be responsible for the possible update of the Android app. You can decide to proceed with the update of the single app or of all the apps that may interest you in one fell swoop.

By opting instead for the third option, you may still be able to get yourself a good result as it will prevent the applications from updating as you activate your data connection and the entire update process will be postponed when you are connected under a WiFi connection.

In case you think you are a very distracted person or you never remember to update your Android apps,  there is no doubt about it Choose the third option without delay, while for all other cases you can opt for the first one.

In fact, you might be interested in updating only some apps, “leaving behind” those that are less used or, in any case, less interesting for you.

After making your choice, the popup window will close and you will return to the main Google Play Settings menu. Close the app as well and keep going

How to Block Automatic Update of Android Specific Apps

If you have chosen to allow the Android operating system to take charge automatically of the updates of the apps you have installed, great! But what happens when you don’t want to receive the update for a single or some Android apps while you want to keep the automatic update?

Nothing could be easier! It is possible to block the automatic update of one (or more) specific apps chosen by the user on Android.  Here is the correct procedure …

  1. Open the Google Play Store (app)
  2. Make sure you position yourself in the main menu of the app
  3. Click on the menu item my apps – my games
  4. Select the installed application for which you DO NOT want to receive automatic updates
  5. Click on the button at the top right
  6. Uncheck the box Update. Auto.
  7. Repeat the procedure if you want to block the automatic update of other apps you have chosen

If the guide was useful to you, you managed to get Android app updates without wasting precious mega or slowing down your smartphone, write your experience in the comments or share the guide with your friends!

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