How to choose the right hosting for apps

How to choose the right hosting for apps is not an easy decision since currently, the existing offer is rather limited. Gone is the world of web pages in which to find a multitude of providers that offer these services. And, for applications, there is only a single provider for apps that offers to host JAVA, ANW.

The moment in which you bet on creating an application is a great moment since it is based on an idea that provokes motivation and in the vast majority of cases, is expected to provide benefits.

How to choose the right hosting for apps

hosting for apps

However, before reaching this last point it is necessary to take a series of steps. One of them to choose the right hosting for apps. And it is something that seems a simple task, it is not at all. The reason is that although there are many providers when it comes to hosting a web page, it is not so much for an application.

In fact, ANW is the only provider that offers JAVA Hosting, including a special dedicated virtual machine.

Full customization

In addition, it has its own control panel, which is developed internally, in which to see how the entire server installation works.

Each hosting can be totally customized since the programmer can modify the server environment, without limitations or restrictions. The latter implies that the client can install the application server with the desired version of the JDK.

And, this company offers a number of additional services such as technical support in which help the client to configure the server and to resolve any questions that may arise to the customer.

On the other hand, each database includes a 4GBytes quota and the possibility of accepting local and remote connections. In addition, another feature is the high-performance hardware without restrictions. In this way, one can forget about possible service interruptions in the event of a peak load.

Daily backups

Another important aspect to look for when hiring this hosting for apps service is the backup of all data. For this reason, ANW makes backup copies of both the system and the databases.

And, in a world where immediacy is valued, ANW has developed an express service in which the JAVA server of the application can be ready on the same day the order is placed, before six o’clock in the afternoon.

It also has SSL security certificates to offer better positioning for the web.

Years of experience in the sector

ANW is an Internet service provider with over seventeen years of experience behind its back offering web hosting services and domain registration to companies and individuals.

Due to this expertise and to guarantee the service, during the first thirty days, the client can cancel the service of hosting for apps without any cost and getting the refund of the rate.


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