Ways To Increase Memory On Your Android Device

How to increase memory on Android, the most frequent question asked by all users of the OCA. It is not surprising, since, however much space there was initially, in the future it is always small. The solution to the issue of increasing the internal memory on the tablet or on the phone is not a big problem, but if the question concerns how to increase the RAM on Android, then you will have to try a little more.

When is it necessary to increase memory?

And so if during installation, any application pops up a message about insufficient space, this will be the first signal that it is time to take action to increase or expand the RAM on Android. The next push can be a hangup of existing programs.

Ways to increase memory

First, let’s look at the question of how to increase the internal memory on Android. To solve the problem of how to increase the memory of the phone, there are several options.

  • Remove all unnecessary programs;
  • Transfer all possible prog to a USB flash drive;
  • Increase using sd card;
  • Software solution.

And so we will consider each item separately to completely remove the question of how to increase the internal memory of Android. The most elementary and simple method can be considered the destruction of all unnecessary, for which you will need to go into the “applications” to select unused and simply remove them from the device. And even disabling animated pictures can help, they also consume a lot of internal memory.

For applications, it is typical to install on internal memory, because of which the device loses its speed, however, most of them can be transferred to a flash drive. Select the desired program, click on it, then you will see the characteristics, and below the button with the inscription move to the sd card.

Unfortunately, not all utilities can be freely moved, so sometimes the problem of how to expand memory with a memory card is not easy to solve at first glance, although it is quite possible. The main thing is to follow the tips and remember that the memory of the drive for storing photos, music, and other elements will decrease.

  • To begin with, everything on the memory card needs to be moved to another place, of course, this applies to those who do not need to run to the store for it.
  • If you need to purchase a drive, select a card of a higher class, and not a super large volume if there is very little RAM since the device can simply start to slow down.
  • Next, insert the drive into the PC, using a card reader.
  • We upload to the computer and launch the MiniTool Partition Wizard Home program.
  • Pressing the right mouse button, select our SD card / Create. Next, in the list that opens, we find Primary, and below Fat32.
  • Increase the size of the Size And Location section for files, the gray color of the selected one remains for applications, press the “yes” button.
  • Again, go to Create, the first position in the list that opens is the same as in paragraph 4, and the second position is changed to Ext3. Save the changes.
  • We find the Apply button by clicking on it, we agree with all the changes.
  • Everything is ready, you can return the card to your phone and enjoy the increased volume.

Software solution to the issue of how to increase memory on Android implies the installation of additional utilities on the smartphone. You can install Total Commander CCleaner, or other programs that clean the garbage and all the files remaining after the normal deletion, thus, help to increase the built-in memory.

Another program is called FolderMount, thanks to it, all applications can be moved to where it is needed, and this also applies to those who had such action impossible. However, the program requires the permission of the superuser and Root rights.

How to increase the RAM

As it was said initially, the increase in RAM is a more laborious process, most often this requires the installation of an upgrade that allows you to open Root access. But first, consider the option of how to increase the amount of RAM without much intervention. To do this, go to the task manager, select the application that works, but at this time you do not need to find the “stop” button, thus increasing the RAM.

On how to increase the RAM programs that require superuser rights, you need to talk when there are such rights, and to get them you need to install some utilities. For example, Kingo Android ROOT, you need to download the program on the PC. After starting, we connect the phone via cable, find the item for developers / DEBUG ON USB, then the drivers are automatically installed, then to get ROOT rights, you need to press the button with the name of the root, you may need to confirm any actions Android

And so after getting access, you can install utilities to expand the amount of RAM. For example, you can download SWAPit RAM EXPANDER, for it to work, you still need to have support for the swap kernel, and it is also desirable to have access to system recovery. After running the program:

  • choose the desired language;
  • give permission for the rights of the superuser;
  • We select the optimal functions, the “optimal” button;
  • Select the desired swap volume;
  • We start scanning by clicking on swap aktiv;
  • Next, close the program, and restart the device.

You can use other gadgets to help make more volume, but in my opinion SWAPit RAM EXPANDER, the easiest to use.


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