How to make an elevator in minecraft?

In Minecraft, we can find different structures and tools that facilitate many actions within the game, including in these the stairs cannot be behind an elevator, that is why in this new guide, we will explain How to make an Elevator in Minecraft? So if you are tired of climbing stairs, you just have to keep reading.

As before we mentioned, an elevator, as well as a staircase, allows us to ascend or descend between floors, so they are really useful to the other to move from one floor to another within our structures, such as houses, buildings, etc …

How to make an elevator in Minecraft?

How to make an elevator in minecraft

Thanks to the usefulness of elevators, they are widely used within Minecraft as well, as there is a variety of different elevators, this time we will explain how to make one of those elevators known as a water elevator, for this we will need resources such as Soul sand, any material that is capable of storing water, we can choose the one we like the most or the best elevator design, glass, lots and lots of water and posters. Once we have all the necessary resources, we can create our elevator. Read also: How to make a water elevator in Minecraft

We will build the base of the elevator using the resource that we have chosen. We must develop two species of the tower that can be made of glass if we want to be able to see through it. We must also take into account that the elevator must have a distance block for the mobility of the player.

Once the previous steps have been carried out, we must completely close the elevator using glass for the back. Now, in order to activate the lift, we must destroy a block at the bottom of the lift to place Soul sand in that space. This will cause the water to be propelled upwards. We must also place the glass at the back of the lift.

To finish the elevator down, we will have to use the signs. We will place a sign at the top at the height of your character and then we will place a block of water just above the sign. We will do this on the road by which We will go up in the elevator, while for the ascent elevator we will have to place the signs right at the entrance of the elevator; thus we will prevent the water from escaping, as soon as we do it we will have to start placing water in each of the blocks until it is completely filled. In this way, we will have created our water lift to ascend quickly and efficiently in any of our structures.

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