5 Best Notes Applications for ANDROID 2019 (Free)

What are the best notes applications for android?

App to save personal notes where you can add photos, drawings and voice notes?

Protect my notes and thoughts with the Fingerprint or PIN lock.

This and much more can make the applications of notes that I will describe for Android and that all can be downloaded for free with some premium options.

In the staff I use Google Kepp for quick notes, Evernote for Study Notes and DayOne to read a Journal.

Top Notes applications for Android

1. Google Keep – Best OptionNotes Applications for ANDROID

If you are looking for a simple to use but the versatile application, Google Keep is for you.

Visualize the notes in the form of adhesives or list that can be anchored at the top.

Create simple notes, checklists, add photos, voice notes and Photos from the gallery or directly from the camera.

Add reminders with date or place.

Add labels, colors, and collaborators to share the notes.

Advanced search engine to find notes by types, labels, things, people and colors.

Available for Android, iOS, Chrome App and Web. It is one of the best notes applications for Android.

2. Evernote – More CompleteNotes Applications for ANDROID

It is a more complete application, for this reason, offers a free version and another monthly subscription which unlocks more features.

Create simple text notes, notes with drawing or hand notes with audio and with photographs.

Create notes with reminders with date and time.

Save notes in notebooks and with labels for a better organization.

Attach files to the notes from the internal memory of the mobile or from google drive.

Add format to the notes: Bold, italic, highlighted, bullets, indent, etc.

Create shortcuts for frequent or prominent notes.

Share notes and send messages with collaborators with the Work Chat function.

Block Evernote with code or Footprint.

Encrypt fragments of a note with a password.

Available for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Browser and Web Extension.

3. OneNote – Alternative to EvernoteNotes Applications for ANDROID

The application that Microsoft offers to manage all our personal tasks, to work or study.

Create text notes, checklists, voice, drawing or from the camera.

Apply format to the text of the note.

Manage and organize notes by sections and labels.

Save cuts of websites from any browser.

Block one or more notes with a password.

Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS. It is one of the best notes applications for Android.

4. Scarlet Notes

Manage your rules elegantly with unique features like the Markdown adaptation to style your notes without complications.

Elegant and minimalist design with customizable Material Design standards.

Add text by headers, text, code, appointments, checklists, images and separator.

Change the note color.

Block notes.

Keep notes at the top.

Create reminders, create notifications.

Duplicate, talk loudly, open Popup.

Add labels, mark as a favorite, archive or move to the trash.

Synchronization in the cloud with an account.

5. DayOne – Keep a Personal Diary

It is a journal application that could be used to write down your thoughts or keep a notebook.

Protect with password or Footprint access to the app.

Create notes with photographs or just text.

Visualize the notes by dates, images, according to the location or calendar.

Organize notes by labels and newspapers.

Integration with IFTTT.

Available for Android, web, iOS, and MacOS


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