Get the best free android apps of 2019

As everyone knows there are millions of applications for smartphones, each having a different purpose or many with a similar purpose and this year 2019 does not fall short. Currently, there are more than 13 billion applications, adding those found in the App Store and Google Play Store, but there are only a few that are on the top, that are better valued by all users. Today, we will explore some of the best free android apps for the year 2019.

The Best Free Android Apps of 2019

best free android apps

Camera ZOOM FX Premium

This app will surely delight you if you are a photographer. With this application you can increase the digital zoom, in addition to white balance wherever you are, to regulate the exposure or the shutter speed. Additionally, the shot at the time of taking the pictures will be faster and you can also add the effect you want, choosing between 100 new effects.

The stabilizer, the flash for the moment of making a selfie and the optimized timer are some of the qualities that make this app one of the best this year.

Poweramp Music Player

There is nothing like Poweramp Music Player if we start talking about a high-quality music player. This android app to listen to music allows the user to listen to any song, considering that it has a graphic equalizer optimized for any supported format and allowing to adjust the volume as well as the bass and treble at the user’s disposal.

It is one of the best free android apps for the music lover that allows you to follow the lyrics of the songs and also allows you to continue listening to music in a continuous manner without there being silence between each piece.

Google Maps

It is very good to have Google Maps as a GPS mobile tracker to use it in the search for an address. Truly, it is one of the favorite applications of this year, because it can be used to locate you, find a place that you do not know your location or mark the route you need to reach the destination you have. Using Google Maps can save you valuable travel time since the application calculates the shortest route.


If you have a smartphone and you want this to be “unique” the best free android apps for you is definitely Zedge. You can customize your mobile phone to your liking having to select from a large number of themes, backgrounds or wallpapers and you will also have thousands of different ringtones or sound for notifications that are renewed at any time by other users.


You proposed as a goal of the year 2019 to learn a new language and without doubt, we recommend the app called Duolingo. This application can help you with this goal by providing several languages that you can select to learn in the most fun and easy way with a system that goes through several levels. You can only go up in level if you overcome the previous one as you would in a game. No doubt this is one of the best free android apps for game lover.

News in the world of technology

If your thing is the world of computers and mobile phones or gaming but you do not follow much the news or news that is coming out day after day and it is difficult for you to catch up, then you can easily visit some of the technology news portal to be informed of the latest in this vast universe of technology.


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