How to change the Windows 10 itunes icon color in PC or Mac?

iTunes dark mode windows 10. While most of us already know how to use iTunes, you may not be aware that it offers a dark mode by default. This feature lets you turn the main window of iTunes into black, making it more attractive and visually appealing. Let’s learn how to enable this feature in Windows 10.

What is iTunes Dark Mode?

iTunes has a Dark Mode feature by default. It allows you to use the software without affecting your eyes from the light or blue screen when using iTunes on Windows 10 as well as Mac Computers. To enable this feature, all you need to do is click on the iTunes option in Control Panel and then scroll down to turn off the Soft Glow setting.

itunes dark mode windows 10

How to change Itunes Dark Mode Windows 10?

Now that it is easy to use iTunes on Windows 10 and you like the new look, but some users worry about reading in dark mode. So how can you change iTunes Dark Mode? Of course, there are 3 ways:

Change Color of General Settings Panel

To turn on or off dark colors for the general settings panel will make the main window white again with the black background. Go to the Start menu and click Cortana type: “Colorn” (without quotes ) and then click on “settings”. There will be options to make general settings in white color with a black background, but you have a third option: slightly change the colors.

Display of colored buttons or boxes may not work. Please try again later if updating does not work. You can also go here to re-download iTunes. Open Preferences Panel by clicking the […] icon beside the arrow at the bottom left corner of the window. In this panel tap 4 times on the General tab to get the list of options.

How to use iTunes Dark Mode?

Now that the color of general settings or iTunes Preferences has an option to make windows dark mode, users may not be familiar with this feature. Here are some useful and interesting things you can do on your main playlist window with iTunes Dark Mode:

1) Display Light Colors if Using iPod First Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode. In safe mode use Settings Panel > Taskbar > Turn ON Use the taskbar button for minimizing/restore/closing, Sounds, Show window contents and Task View > Colors. And then go to Control Panel -> Display and add how many colors you want the online update to use.

2) Change iTunes Dark Mode For a Specific File Or Folder Just Right-Click on an item you have in explorer’s folder and one of the options will appear at the bottom: Import into a playlist, Open with ⌘+O or Make new Playlist. You can select ” Open with…” if you want the color change after you make a new playlist. Now your playlist will display dark colors while playing an item, then light colors again when it stops to play that song.

3) Colors in only One Playlist Only 1 option appears: Add this item to my list -You can extend its use by right clicking on the author name on the file icon and selecting “Properties”. In Properties > Target pick [My Computer] inbox. Finally from the upper pop-up menu choose “Make it a Favorite” then you can use that list as the favorite playlist, i.e back to the home screen and check this blog’s articles using Forgot The Password links of these lists shown at top right corner when opening My Computer folder or right clicking on the item and selecting Add To This Playlist option there will display “Add Item Home Folder”.

4) Change Colors Of Selected Items, Not Entire Playlist You can choose only one album in iTunes and change its color or set it to black: Right-click on the icon > Show in Explorer. Left-click drop-down > Change Color. Or you can do that at Settings Panel\View For Program Files /iTunes Folder/ M4A items folder (expand folders) right hand side of the window, there is a Black Text example with the tag help icon.

5) Select Items and Choose Option: Change Colors of Selected Right-click on an item, left-click > Show in Explorer from the pop-up context menu. You can also do that at View window for Program Files /iTunes Folder/ M4A items folder (expand folders ) right-hand side screen view you have to expand the selected subfolder with Turn Large Icons On option enabled or else clicking “Add Here ” will add the item to the current playlist. Just like in previous examples, the “Show in Explorer” menu option works from the Explorer context menu displayed when you choose to left-click on an M4A file icon.


Itunes dark mode windows 10. The iTunes dark mode windows 10 is an extension that brings the feature of Dark Mode to the iTunes application for Windows 10. It’s a feature that makes the interface of iTunes much more attractive and visually pleasing. The best part about this feature is that it works on any version of Windows 10, including Home, Pro, Enterprise and Education.

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