How to change language on Disney plus

Being able to change the language of Disney Plus is a possibility that many users take into account when watching a series, film, short, and any other material.

And it is that, for some, there are films that must be seen in the original language, while others are more appreciable in the native language of the viewer.

If it is possible to remove the sound in Disney Plus, of course, this will be too. Just run and access Disney Plus easily to get started with the process.

For this reason, this streaming service includes the modality in which you can change both the language of its platform, as well as its audiovisual products themselves or the subtitles.

Set the Disney Plus languageHow to change language on Disney plus

In this sense, Disney Plus will activate by default in its menu and labels, the language used in the web browser, mobile device, streaming box, or game console. Fixes the problem of not being able to use Disney Plus or “Disney Plus not working” previously, if necessary.

Even so, it is possible to change this situation, in fact, it is a fairly fast, direct, and simple procedure to perform. To achieve this, you must be in the Disney Plus account that you want to customize, to be able to go to the ” Profile Settings ” in the upper right corner.

Within them, you have to choose ” Select profiles “, so that the platform shows the options available to change the language of Disney Plus when accessing.

After adjusting the parameter, what we have chosen will be saved, but in order for it to be activated, it is necessary to enter the account again.

The best thing is that, as the service allows you to have up to six profiles per subscription, it is possible to make an adjustment for each one, if necessary or desired.

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Customize dubbing and subtitlingHow to change language on Disney plus

Now if what is needed is modifying the Disney Plus language on a particular movie or series, and even just the subtitles, that can be done as well.

In this sense, the platform has four languages ​​in its dubbing, these are Spanish (Latin America and Spain), English, Dutch and French.

On iPad and iPhone

First, you must have the program playing, to be able to touch the screen and thus obtain a variety of icons in the upper right corner. Of all these, you will choose to press the last one on the right side, to display the subtitles and audio settings.

Next, you can choose the language in which you want to keep the audio and subtitles or choose to disable the latter. To finish, you will have to press an ” X ” icon in the upper-right part, which will make the playback continue.

Android devices

With playback activated, you will have to touch the screen to display the icons in a menu located on the left.

The next step consists of selecting the audio and video so that the alternatives are shown and being able to select the language that you want in the audio and subtitles.

In the same way, you can deactivate or turn off the subtitles if that is what you want to do r. Then you can continue enjoying the audiovisual material.

For PlayStation 4

With the program playing, press the ” Down ” button on the control, so that a dialog icon appears. When exiting it, it must be selected, which will result in the opening of both the audio and subtitles settings, where they can be managed at ease.

With Google Chromecast

You must move or touch with the mouse on the screen while the program is playing so that the icon corresponding to the menu appears. To which you have to move the cursor above it to access the subtitles and audio settings.

Next, the pertinent changes are made, and to save the changes, press ” OK ” or the ” X ” icon to return to playback.

Apple tv

The remote control will have to be slid down the screen while it is playing. If it is a second or third-generation device, the center button is held down.

This will bring up the subtitle and audio alternatives, where the relevant settings will be chosen. And so you will be able to change the Disney Plus language for the material in question.

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