Signs that you Have a Drain Problem

Drains are able to help take our waste water away from our home and make sure that we are not exposed to nasty illnesses caused by dirty water. However, when drains become broken or damaged, they can cause problems, so being aware of the signs to look out for, and knowing when you need to call out a professional like this drain lining company is important.

These are some of the signs that you may have a problem with your drains…

Bad Smells – If you notice that you have a bad smell coming from your plughole, then this indicates that there could be a blockage in your drain. Things like food going down the plughole can cause the pipe to become blocked and when that food then starts to rot inside the drain you will then have the blockage to deal with as well as the bad smell.

If you have tried to unblock the pipe yourself using something like soda crystals and it hasn’t worked, then you will need to get a professional in to take a look at it.

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Pests – Drain problems can be attractive to many pests, and in addition to a broken drain you could end up with a pest infestation. If food is rotting in the pipes, then you may notice small fruit flies coming out of your sink as they will be attracted to rotting food. You could also have rats or cockroaches coming into your home.

If there is a broken pipe outside that is leaking sewage, a sign of this may be drain flies that look a little bit like moths.

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Slow Draining Water – If you are taking the plug out and the water is taking a long time to go down or is not going down at all then this is a sign that there is definitely a blockage in your drain somewhere. If you catch this soon enough it is something that you may be able to address yourself, but if the issue is further down then you may have a problem that you need a professional to deal with for you.

Signs of a Leak – If you see any pools of water outside, or stagnant water on the ground then this could be coming from a drainpipe. When this is the case, you will need to get a professional to come and look at it as you definitely don’t want dirty water to be leaking out of the drain.

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