Windows key not working? fix it with this trick

In all keyboards, there are common keys. Logically, the QWERTY is always present with the variations of each region and language, for example, the ñ of the keyboards in Spanish. But in the case of Microsoft, everyone shares the famous Windows key, which has many more functions than opening the Start menu. The bad thing is that it can stop working, and if the Windows key not working we help you fix it.

Windows key not workingWindows key not working

An extended European keyboard has 102 keys and all have some tasks. In fact, alphanumeric characters have several, not just the one that marks on the surface. For example, with you can put the euro symbol, the 2 is the arroba and the 8 and the 9 puts the beginning and end of parentheses, although all this is achieved with the graphic alteration key. There are also the famous function keys, which go unnoticed, but they are very useful.

But today we have to talk about one in particular. You may find that the Windows key does not work, but luckily it has a solution. The first thing you have to do is check that the key is not obstructed and that it works correctly. Most likely, it will be hindered in this case and you will have to remove the key and clean it. If you try again and there are no changes we go to the next method.

There are computers that disable this key by default, especially gaming. There are combinations of keys that can open menus on the computer and match commands within a game. Conclusion: if you play online and you are wrong. You can die in the game more times than you would like. Therefore, check-in the keyboard control center that this option is disabled or not and in one click it will be solved. You can also update the driver from Device Manager, as it may be that an update has not been installed.

But what if it is not one of the three previous solutions to fix the Windows key? Well, you’ll have to go to the Registry. After creating a restore point, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Keyboard Layout and delete the entry called Scancode Map. Then save the changes, restart the machine and test the Windows key that should already work.


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