4 Ways to Restore Deleted Files in Windows

You might have accidentally (or not) deleted files from your Windows PC at one point or another and wondered whether you can restore them from the Recycle Bin. The good news is that you can do so without much fuss using these steps from casino francais en ligne.

  1. Restore Deleted Files Using the Recycle Bin Tools

The Recycle Bin Tools tab is a hidden gem that can help you manage deleted files. While it’s relatively unknown, don’t be fooled; this backroom boy can help you bring back your files and folders from the Recycle Bin.

Open your Recycle Bin and locate the file or folder you want to restore. You can also select multiple files or folders.
Go to the top of the Recycle Bin folder and click on Recycle Bin Tools under the purple “Manage” tab.
Click Recycle Bin Tools
Click on Restore the selected items. This will move the selected items from the Recycle Bin to their original locations on your computer.
To restore all the files in your Recycle Bin, simply click on Restore all items, and voilà, you’ll have them all back.
If you love this feature and will like to add it to your Quick Access Toolbar, simply right-click on either Restore the selected items or Restore all items, then click on Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

  1. Restore Deleted Files Using Cut and Paste

Just like Ctrl + Z or undo, the cut-and-paste function is super popular with computer users worldwide. But have you ever for a second thought of using this feature to restore deleted files or folders from the Recycle Bin?

We did, and here’s how you can do it too:

Open your Recycle Bin and locate the items you want to restore. If your Recycle Bin is full, you can search for the item using the “Search bar” provided you know the filename or keywords in it.
Select all the items you want to restore.
Either right-click on it/them and click on Cut or press Ctrl + X on your keyboard.
Click on Cut then Paste elsewhere
Go to any location or folder of your choice where you want to paste the cut items, right-click and click Paste, or press Ctrl + V.
This will restore the deleted item to your chosen location.
Using this cut-and-paste method, you need not remember the original file location or worry about your restored file getting lost in the mix. It’s another easy way to restore your deleted files from the Recycle Bin, or you can just opt to play games at www.australianonlinecasinosites.com after hiring a computer expert.

  1. Restore Deleted Files Using the Move To Function

Like the Recycle Bin Tools, this is another lesser-known method of restoring deleted files from the Recycle Bin in Windows 10. And like the cut-and-paste method, it allows you to move deleted items to any location of your choice.

Here’s how it works:

Open your Recycle Bin as usual and select the items you want to restore.
Go to the top of the Recycle Bin folder and click on the Home tab. This will open up a ribbon.
Click on Move to and select a destination from the dropdown menu.
Click on Home then Move to new location
Your files will be automatically restored to your chosen location.
If you want a different location from the ones shown, simply drill down and click on Choose Location, then click on Move, or click on Make New Folder if you like.
Click Make New Folder
Go to the destination folder, and your restored files will be waiting for you.
Using the “Move to” method allows you to move deleted files to a custom new folder. If you do not want to ever delete the items in this folder, you can simply rename it as “Do Not Delete.”

  1. Restore Deleted Files Using Drag and Drop

Using the drag and drop method, you can restore deleted files to any location of your choosing. You may know that you can simply drag and drop files back onto the desktop, but did you know there are plenty of little shortcuts you can take to get the files back home ASAP?

Here’s how:

Open your Recycle Bin and select the files you want to be restored.
Drag and drop them in any folder or location shown in the “Quick Access” pane on the left.
Drag and drop in Quick Access Toolbar
If you can’t find your preferred location in the Quick Access pane, simply click on the Restore Down button in the top-right corner, next to the “Minimize” button, to resize the Recycle Bin window.
Click on Restore Down
Open the destination folder, click the Restore Down button, and drag the selected files from the Recycle Bin into it.
The drag and drop method is as effective in restoring deleted files from the Recycle Bin as are the other methods described.


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