There are Many Advantages to Using Instagram for your  Business

It is so worth connecting to Instagram. If you have a business, the marketing possibilities are huge.  From the word go Instagram has proven to be a very successful place for businesses to give their products more visibility and to reach a wider audience.  There is no time like the present to get your business on Instagram and start reaping the benefits.

Instagram is becoming more and more important for businesses. Below are a number of reasons why and how your business will benefit from joining this growing platform.

Instagram is becoming ever more popular

It is estimated that Instagram now has well over 800 million active users.  Over 500 million of these users are on Instagram daily. 80 percent of these users are outside of the United States, many are millennials (20-35 years) and many are checking in to the site many times a day. With this amount of active use, the opportunities for businesses to reap the rewards and become hugely successful are immense.

Today people are engaging non-stop on many social media platforms via their computers, laptops and mobiles. There are millions of users now on Instagram or Facebook or playing Springbok mobile or, any one of the many other games available.  Social Media is here to stay. 

No matter the size, business can thrive

Businesses can become hugely successful with so many potential users.  It doesn’t matter if the company is already large, and one that everyone has heard of, or very small, and a one man show.  However, it does require some work.

Some form of marketing strategy is necessary to take advantage of the Instagram platform. It is important for businesses to be as visible as possible, aiming for at least one post per day.  It is in this way that well-known companies like Adidas and Coca-Cola have used Instagram to increase their sales.   Small businesses are doing exactly the same and are also flourishing.

Making money from Instagram

Instagram has progressed from its early years and now the focus is primarily on making money through product visibility. Shoppable Posts is a new addition.  It enables businesses to include tags to their product pictures that include prices and product details. It also gives them the ability to add “shop now” so users can go directly to the businesses’ online site.

Businesses are now able to make real sales via Instagram.  Studies show that a large percentage of Instagram users do purchase items via the Instagram site.  It is time to sit up and take notice with these results.

Making your story relatable

Instagram does a great job in enabling businesses to show users a face that they are able to relate to.  The stories and posts that you choose to upload can have a real impact.

A really good way to use stories and to attract attention is to show what is really going on in your company. Showing live videos of employees whilst working together on the products and how they are being produced is very impactful. Audiences also like logging into live question and answer formats.

Regular live posts are a great way to build up a relationship with users, developing trust and giving a face to your business.  Developing a relationship with customers is really good for business. It shows customers that you are also interested in them and not just to get them purchase your product.

Partnering with those who can influence 

On all forms of social media, there are regular users.  At the same time there are influencers, better known as on line celebrities, who use social media, and use their influence to promote a brand or product and really get it out into the mainstream.

There are influencers that are able to increase your sales to a dramatic level by a bigger return on investment and by having access to users that it would be difficult for you to reach.  Some celebrities are able to reach millions of users with only a few posts.   These influencers have the ability to promote your product and get your brand out there on a level that otherwise might not be possible.

Using hashtags to increase visibility 

Being a new business on Instagram can be a little intimidating.  However, with the smart use of hashtags you can make yourself stand out from the competition.

Hashtags are used to characterize your posts. Using certain keywords makes it easier to find. Hashtags used by big companies like Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins or Coca-Cola’s #ShareaCoke have made these already well-known companies even more recognizable.  Hashtags can really help to make you stand out from the crowd.

Engaging with customers 

Engaging with users and customers regularly is good for business.  People really like to share their experiences and Instagram gives people the opportunity to do that.  The comments and likes that you receive for your company’s posts increases your visibility.  The better quality of photos and hashtags you post the more likes you will get. Also joining with other brands will also increase visibility.


Instagram was initiated as an app.  On the other hand, Facebook and Twitter began as browser-based sites.   Because the majority of time users spend on mobiles is on apps, it is obviously to your advantage to make sure that your posts can be accessed by users no matter where they are via Instagram.

Instagram users like the uncluttered style of Instagram, as opposed to that of Facebook.  It also has a much higher level of user engagement now so it benefits you to start using the Instagram platform to promote your business.

Keep a watch on your competitors 

What are your competitors doing?  How often are they posting and what are they posting?  How do they engage with users?  Checking out what your competitors are doing will help you to adjust and organize your own business strategy.

Instagram gives you the opportunity to get creative 

The photo-sharing app on Instagram allows you to be as original as you wish. If you are creative, or have a creative team, it is possible to come up with new and wonderful ideas to attract more attention and gain new followers and ultimately sell more products.  Make your product the most exciting and inviting by using interactive videos, interesting and vivid images, using shoutouts and more.

There are so many benefits to using Instagram as a platform to promote your business.  There are now millions of people using this social media platform. There is no time like the present to get on board and start to build your Instagram presence. Let people know you are here.


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