Ways to sell your products online

If you run a product based business you have probably wondered if you are making the most of all the sales opportunities available to you. Here are some of the ways that you might want to consider selling your products online.

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Having your own website means that you can not only promote your products directly to your audience but it also enables you to keep as much of the profits as possible as there are unlikely to be many fees taken out.If you link your site to payment platforms such as Stripe, you will have to pay a sellers fee but it is possible to incorporate these into your prices. It is important that you have a suitable Ecommerce Web Design Dublin company such as www.rycomarketing.ie/ecommerce-web-design-dublin/ create your website for you as an Ecommerce site is very different to a brochure services website.


With more and more people visiting this platform to find items, it makes sense for any product based company to sell their items on Amazon. Many large retailers have also switched to selling on this platform. You need to set up a sellers account with them and there are fees attached to each item you sell.My businesses will increase the cost of items on AMazon in order to absorb some of these costs.

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If you make unique items or those that are handcrafted you can use platforms such as Etsy. This is a great way to sell niche products and many people use this site as a way of supporting smaller retailers who make bespoke and short run items. Again there are fees attached to this so you need to consider this when pricing your items.

Social Media

If you have an ECommerce website you can link this to your social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram shopping has increased in popularity over the years and it is a great way to get your products in front of a whole new audience. There are no charges for you to list your products on the shop and you can either importa your catalogue or link it to your website to get real time stock updates.


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