The 4 best video players for Mac

Discover the best video players for Mac computer, we offer you 4 alternatives to watch videos with support for almost all formats and many configuration options

The users of Mac computers that seek to play video is not that they have precisely a large number of options at their disposal, let’s be honest. There are clear, but certainly, the offer is much smaller than that available in Windows, and that complicates things a little when it comes to looking for alternatives to the heavyweights we all know. In any case, we present a list of best players of movies and series for the operating system of the apple where you surely find some option that you do not know and above all, where you will find the perfect player for your needs and that wonderful screen manufactured by Manzana.

The best video players for Mac

As you can see there are great classics to some new option that really has earned the position. The best thing is that you try them all, analyze well what are your exact needs when it comes to playing videos on your Mac and choose the one that best suits them.

VLC Playerbest video players for Mac

King of kings in any list of this kind and for any platform. On Mac, it could not be less and is the favorite player of the vast majority of users. Compatible with virtually all formats without having to resort to other packages of third-party codecs, also with 4K with support for hardware decoding since the last update, and with many additional options to adjust the video, audio and subtitles. Add your ability to work with different transmission protocols that will allow you to watch streaming video and you will have the perfect player in front of you.

VLC is free code, is available on more platforms and is completely free. It is a perfect option to play the video with subtitles because it is also compatible with a large list of formats of these. The interface can be customized in several ways, including designing your own skin. It also supports extensions of all kinds that you can find in a dedicated repository.

IINAbest video players for Mac

The last to arrive but possibly right now the best multimedia player for Mac, ahead of even VLC. Its development is based on the MPV player, but evidently, IINA is better. And its design is much more elegant, which is always appreciated. Its great advantage is that it is fast and light, its consumption of resources is very well optimized. And offers almost complete compatibility with video formats. It is one of the best video players for Mac.

IINA is designed for the latest generation Mac computers, if your computer is a few years old it could be a problem, its video output and is specially optimized for Retina displays. It is compatible with computers that have Mac OS X 10.10 and later, although version 10.13 of the operating system is recommended. Thanks to this approach, it uses different technologies that Apple has been adding to these teams over the past years, such as Force Touch or the Touch Bar, as well as interactive elements and gestures to control it instead of the typical menus. Offers 4 different themes to change the interface. It is also an open source project.

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It has been behind VLC and IINA, it must be recognized. But it is still one of the best existing players on Mac. If you are not convinced by the two previous options (go figure why damned prejudice) maybe MPlayerX meets your expectations. They have all the necessary video and audio codecs installed so nothing to resort to additional downloads. It offers a system of interactive control through the touchpad and good support for subtitles without importing the language. It is compatible with the Apple Remote and allows you to play the video directly from streaming websites such as YouTube.

MPlayerX is a development that starts from the popular MPlayer player integrating FFmpeg libraries to achieve that compatibility with a multitude of formats. It also offers some extra things like control by gestures avoiding the classic keyboard shortcuts or SPDIF support. The system used in home cinema systems. If this is your case, once you use the connector it will automatically offer DTS / AC3 ​​audio. You will not need to configure anything else.

Elmedia Playerbest video players for Mac

Another of the historical players for this platform that continues to offer support from its creators. Elmedia Player offers similar compatibility with formats that its rivals, fluid reproduction in all of them. And a few additional things that could catch your attention. Full screen mode that allows you to select the monitor to use, advanced playback options with which you can for example loops a video fragment, place markers to quickly find the most interesting parts, settings of all kinds for brightness, contrast and saturation, support for AC-3 / DTS, subtitle customization or support for the Myo bracelet that you can use as a command with controls reproduction.

In addition to all this, an interesting function of “correction” of videos where the image and audio are not synchronized. One of the usual evils when you download series and movies. Elmedia is able to solve these problems according to what circumstances. So it can be a good option before these files. You can use AirPlay technology to play video in Elmedia. And send it to any compatible device or other Mac computers and vice versa.


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