The best video players for Android

Although few remember it at this point, one of the reasons why smartphones emerged was the need to consume multimedia in a more comfortable way and, if possible, anywhere. This consumption is mainly based on video and music. In this last case, we have already selected the best music players that exist in Android. And now it’s time to focus on audiovisual content. We share the video players for Android.

Although the vast majority of manufacturers include native video players in the software of their devices. Many continue to find these apps obsolete or lacking extra features that do offer other alternatives from third parties. Therefore, today we create the list with our selection of best Android video players.

The best video players for Android of 2018

VLCbest video players for Android

We started with one of the most widespread players in the world, released mainly thanks to its desktop version for Windows. And considered one of the best alternatives to Windows Media Player. Thanks to this we can find a player that comes with all the codecs. And a large number of formats supported, which ensures that at no time there will be problems when playing any type of video.

It also has support for subtitles and advanced sound control options, as well as compatibility for Google Chromecast. Its navigation system allows us to browse through the memory folders to easily find the files that we need to play. Because of its open-source philosophy, it is a totally free application that anyone can download through Google Play.

MX Playerbest video players for Android

The second of our selection is nothing more and nothing less than the most downloaded video player in the history of Google Play, with more than one hundred million installations. The main strength of MX Player is, as we saw in its in-depth analysis, the use of hardware decoding and multicore, improving performance by 70% compared to other players of the competition as the VLC itself, with which we already compared it to see what the definitive Android video player is.

In addition, handling by gestures during playback is very comfortable and intuitive. It also has a parental control mode, to prevent other applications from being used in case the device is left to a child.

Wiseplaybest video players for Android

Wiseplay is one of the players that does not know everyone but that happy to those who have tried it. One point that could be negative is the publicity inside. Although some users say that it is minimal and does not become an annoyance or affect the experience when consuming content.

It supports a large number of formats and has a parental control mode. It will also be possible to play videos from links. That is online videos that can be played in this application. Of course, there is no lack of support for Google Chromecast.

Kodibest video players for Android

Video playback on Android is a perfect complement to watch movies in a company. So Kodi, the natural successor of XBMC and one of the best-known multimedia centers, is one of the best existing platforms on Android to organize our entire movie collection.

Not only does it play videos, but this multimedia center also allows us to see photos play podcasts and music. Its graphical interface is designed for use on tablets and devices such as Chromecast, making navigation intuitive. Your system is optimized for use in a room and with a remote control as an input device.


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