10 technology gifts for Christmas

If you are from Santa Claus and you have not yet bought the gifts and you have no idea where to start, you’re late. But calm, do not panic. In this article, we give you very good ideas to give technology, which always like and is also versatile and useful, what is better than a useful gift? We share 10 technology gifts for Christmas hope you like this.

If on the other hand, you are from the Magi, it is best to be prepared for January 6 and not to get caught by the bull. Nobody likes to go shopping with all the crowds.

The best technology gifts for Christmas

Action camerastechnology gifts for Christmas

An action camera is a perfect technological device to give at Christmas, especially for people who enjoy outdoor sports. The leader of the segment, GoPro, offers a very complete catalog in various ranges of features and prices, with new features such as the new 7 series, composed of the HERO7 Black, HERO7 Silver, and HERO7 White. It is the best technology gifts for Christmas.

The one we like the most is the  HERO7 Black. A model that offers a high quality construction, has a protection system that allows us to use it without fear to a depth of up to ten meters, has a 2-inch touchscreen offering a simple and intuitive user interface and advanced functions such as Support for voice control, slow-motion recording or live streaming (Live Streaming) to share the moment while you’re living.

It has a 12-megapixel sensor, HyperSmooth video stabilization and offers 4K video recording at 60 frames per second, 2.7K at 120 frames per second and 1080p at 240 frames per second. You can buy it at retailers such as Amazon, reduced in price to 450$. Other alternatives from the same manufacturer are the GoPro HERO7 Silver for 300$ and the HERO7 White for 250$.

Raspberry Pitechnology gifts for Christmas

Raspberry Pi is the development that leads the category of “single-board” mini-computers (SBC). Its development is the responsibility of the British non-profit foundation of the same name and its main objective is to stimulate the teaching of computer science in schools.

A very special gift for parents in these Christmas days have a good time with the children of the house and start them in the world of electronics, programming or technology, but in a different way to the typical use of the machines of game.

Raspberry Pi can be used for  a lot of projects , for  programming , as  a multimedia center , as a base for creating  basic PCs , as  anonymous router  for TOR, for  gaming machines , as a  tablet , as a  universal translator , as a  recreational space  in minimum size, and a very long etc, in which a multitude of enthusiasts of this development work.

The offer around Raspberry Pi is very broad, whether you buy only the plate or if you bet on a more complete starter kit with very cheap prices ranging from 20 to 90$. Mom / Dad with young people at home betting on a special technological gift? Educational fun for all guaranteed.

Smart Thermostattechnology gifts for Christmas

In these cold days when the temperature barely exceeds 10 degrees, one of our biggest fears is the gas bill. We do not want to pay astronomical amounts, but we are not going to be cold at home either. Many times, the biggest expense comes because the heating is not well programmed. For example, we light it when we get home, so it takes time to heat the house and during that time we pass cold and put it at a higher temperature to compensate. It can also happen that due to incorrect programming the heating is on when there is no one at home. It is one of the best technology gifts for Christmas

Thanks to the intelligent thermostat, all these problems are solved with the mobile, in a much simpler and intuitive way. We know at all times what temperature is in the house and we can turn it on when we are returning home so that it is already hot when we arrive.

In this case, we bet on the brand tado °, a company that has been in control of the intelligent temperature since 2011. They have several products designed for this purpose, but their thermostat tado ° is simple to install and use. Also until December 20 have a 20% discount on some of their products.

The Smart Thermostat of tado ° uses the location of your mobile phone to control your heating, making sure that no energy is wasted. The mobile application gives you total control over your heating from wherever you are. Enjoy more comfort while saving up to 31% on heating costs. We can buy it on Amazon for 225$.

Streamertechnology gifts for Christmas

Convert any TV or monitor with HDMI input into a smart screen, is available to any user who acquires these devices of small size and price, able to take advantage of the possibilities of the large format of the distribution of global content: streaming.

One of the most recommended streamers for resolutions up to 1080p is the  Fire TV Stick that we had the opportunity to analyze. A basic version of other streamers of the e-commerce firm that for premium users of Amazon has a price of only 45$.

Another option is  Google’s Chromecast 3. An improved model, 15% faster than the previous model and with the added support of video support at 60 fps 1080p. It maintains the micro USB port for power supply without jumping to USB Type-C and HDMI to connect to the TV or monitor. It is one of the best technology gifts for Christmas

Your goal remains the same throughout this series of Google devices, bringing streaming content to a TV or monitor with HDMI input using an Android smartphone or tablet or other equipment from the Chrome browser. Chromecast 3 is priced at 40$ in the Google Store. And if you need a 4K streamer, Google offers the Chromecast Ultra for 75$.

Alarm clock with lighttechnology gifts for Christmas

If it is hard to wake up in the morning before the prospect of a terrible day of work, doing it with the frightful noises that come out of the “normal” alarm clocks aggravate the situation.

Philips proposes a different alarm clock by means of the light emitted by its lamp, whose intensity increases as the time comes to get up. Philips says it helps to wake up in a more natural way. We do not know if it’s true, but the truth is that it works.

Philips offers a catalog with several models. One of them is the HF3506 / 30 available for 85$.

Soundbartechnology gifts for Christmas

Sonos Beam is a fantastic lounge soundbar that offers much more potential than an enhanced audio experience because it supports more than 80 streaming music services, the great worldwide trend in content distribution.

It has four long-range elliptical woofers and a tweeter that harmonize the high and low frequencies. Three passive radiators increase the power of bass, eliminating the need to add a complementary subwoofer. It only has two cables, one for power and one HDMI to connect to the big screen and supports Bluetooth wireless connection. It is the best technology gifts for Christmas.

This integrates the best current virtual assistant, Amazon Alexa, but you can also use other voice aids such as Google Assistant. It has a matrix of five long-range microphones that are used for advanced beam training. And echo cancellation in several channels. You can also stream music from all your devices to Sonos Beam. And you’re entire Sonos system if you have an additional AV amplifier.

Sonos Beam is available at retailers like Amazon for 465$.

Smart Vacuum Cleanertechnology gifts for Christmas

We have less and less time and we do not want to spend it cleaning. So, if you have a friend of those who has a more tight schedule than a minister. And still does not have an intelligent vacuum cleaner, surely one of these seems a gift. If you are the one who lacks the hours in the day to vacuum the house as it deserves. Give yourself the pleasure with a robot vacuum cleaner and spend the time you have watching Netflix. It is one of the best technology gifts for Christmas

The Neato Botvac D6 is the perfect choice for those who have a cat or dog. We already know that, among many other obligations, a domestic animal requires vacuuming practically every day if we do not want to live surrounded by hair. The Botvac D6 is a model designed for lovers of furry animals as it has a larger tank than other models of the brand, 0.7 liters. This model is a high range that costs 830$, but if our budget is adjusted we have the D4 for 600$.

eReadertechnology gifts for Christmas

If you have a bookworm friend that the books are going to throw out of the house. It’s time to give him a cable and give him an eReader. And undoubtedly the king of the eReaders in terms of price and features is the Amazon Kindle. It also has different versions so you can choose the most appropriate one.

The latest is the Paperwhite 2018, this new version is available in two formats:

With WiFi and 8 GB of storage for 155$, if we buy it without integrated offers. Or for 140$ with integrated offers.

With WiFi + 4G (free, integrated eSIM) and 32 GB capacity for 260$ without integrated offers, or 160 with integrated offers.

Amazon has a cheaper option, the basic Kindle that costs 90$. The difference with the Paperwhite is that it does not include integrated light and the storage is 4 GB. It is one of the best technology gifts for Christmas

Smart assistanttechnology gifts for Christmas

Domotic home is no longer something of the future or just within reach of a few, Amazon and Google have a complete. And effective offer that ranges from the most basic and economic models to the most complete and expensive. You may think that you do not need a smart assistant at home. But that is because you still do not know everything they can do for you. Simple tasks that free you and give you a few more minutes a day. A virtual assistant answers questions buy or adds items to the list, notify you of your agenda. And adds new events, wakes you up, plays music, changes the TV channel or turns on the radio at the station you want. Also if we have other smart devices in the house. Such as thermostats, speakers or switches, both Echo. And Google Home they connect to them and with a simple “Alexa” or “OK, Google”. You can turn up the heating or turn on the lights.

Amazon devices are the Echo that includes Alexa. Within this range, we find different models from 60 to 145$. The problem is that they are exhausted and would not arrive for Christmas. That’s why we recommend you give away the Google Home of which there are two models:

Google Home Mini: costs 65$ in the official Google store. It is tiny and is available in four colors, blue, red, white or black.

Google Home: costs 145$ in the official Google store. This model is larger, its loudspeaker is more powerful. And has a greater number of microphones so you will hear from more distant points of the house. It is best technology gifts for Christmas.

Thermometer for kitchentechnology gifts for Christmas

The surname “intelligent” reaches to any type of product and also to the kitchen/food. If your partner likes meat and fish just right. The Master wireless smart thermometer is an ideal device for cooking perfectly. It is one of the technology gifts for Christmas

Very easy to use, simply connect the thermometer to a smartphone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth. And the gadget will warn you when the product is ready. The Master thermometer has a double sensor that monitors the internal temperature of the meat. And the ambient temperature and includes an app compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire.


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