Best silent gaming keyboard for PC

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The silent keyboards allow you to play on the computer, but also to entertain yourself with video games, limiting the silence to the maximum. Generally speaking, the solutions that guarantee the lowest noise level are the membrane ones.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the pros and cons that distinguish these products, even in comparison with the mechanical ones.

Mechanical keyboards, for example, allow you to type extremely quickly, also because it is almost always sufficient to press the mechanical switches halfway so that they transmit the impulse you want.

It cannot be forgotten, on the other hand, that the attenuation force required for recording a keystroke on a membrane product is lower, and is likely to favor typing errors.

Ranking of the Best Silent Keyboards

  1. Logitech MK470
  2. Kensington K72357IT
  3. Logitech K280e

Logitech MK470silent gaming keyboard

A quiet and affordable keyboard. Great for an office or to enjoy a great browsing experience.

You can buy the keyboard together with a mouse, which is also extremely quiet. The Logitech MK470 is Full Size, so it also has a numeric keypad.

The keys have a scissor-switch mechanism and the profile is extremely low.

Comfortable and silent, the best choice.

Kensington K72357IT

A truly elephant style and unparalleled silence.

This is what distinguishes the Kensington K72357IT keyboard which certainly does not sacrifice productivity and typing speed.

Every touch will be light and delicate, a bit like laptop keyboards. There are various multimedia keys such as calculator, volume, and play/pause.

Definitely recommended for those who do not want to spend a lot, but who certainly do not want to give up comfort and elegance for their setup.

Logitech K280esilent gaming keyboard

Another keyboard that I definitely feel to recommend is that of the Logitech house, precisely the Logitech K280e.

The manufacturer is now secure with regard to any type of peripheral: from mice to keyboards, from USB dongles to gaming headsets.

Returning to the keyboard, we are talking about an elegant and very quiet peripheral, suitable for those who want a class setup.

The keyboard has been designed in such a way as to guarantee advanced typing comfort. Thanks to the palm rest and the really soft keys.

It is coated with steel, so as to extend its resistance and the keys are designed to resist abrasion and UV rays, just think that they are tested to withstand 20 million pressures.

Why use a silent keyboard?

When should you consider buying silent keyboards? For example, when you work in a co-working space, in the company of strangers who might be annoyed by the continuous clicking of the keys of a not very discreet product.

But not only that: a silent solution is also recommended for those who have the habit of working, writing, or playing video games at night in a house where other people are present. In such circumstances, it is necessary not to disturb their sleep.

How to choose a silent keyboard?

One of the factors that you should consider when you intend to buy a more or less silent keyboard is that relating to the duration: the life cycle of a mechanical key can be more or less eternal, given that it is insured for fifty million combinations.

As for membrane keyboards, on the other hand. The duration ranges from a minimum of one million to a maximum of five million keystrokes. It is a question of understanding, then, what use you intend to make of the device.

What is certain is that productivity is guaranteed above all by a mechanical keyboard, while silence is the prerogative above all of a membrane keyboard: finding the right compromise between the two situations is demanding but necessary.

Again, we must focus on the maintenance aspect: the membrane keyboard is made of rubber, a material that cancels any type of noise but which can attract dirt more than consistently, especially with the passage of time.

In short, as the years pass, the product risks becoming sticky and unhygienic.

It must be said that many products are based on articulated fixing methods. Unlike what happens with mechanical keyboards, which offer the opportunity to lift and remove individual keys without any difficulty.

In summary, choosing silent keyboards may not mean giving up on comfort or cleanliness. But it is always very important to be careful in your purchases. And meticulously compare the different models that are available on the market.


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