Top 5 best file explorer android 2019

A file browser application for Android is very essential if you want to get the most out of your mobile. Apart from managing your files and folders, it allows you to access your files in the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive …) and local networks (LAN). We share the best file explorer android 2019.

Once you have access to your files, you can carry out different tasks. Such as copy, cut, rename, compress, search with filters, add shortcuts, view content (Mp3, PDF, Text …) and much more.

In this top, I will describe the best free and paid file scanner for Android. Each one has unique functions but at the moment my favorite in Solid Explorer.

Best file explorer android

Google Go Filesfile explorer android

Cx File Explorerfile explorer android

  • It has a simple and intuitive interface to manage all your files where it will allow you:
  • Analyze the space used to optimize your space.
  • Uninstall applications.
  • Recycle Bin.
  • Manage folders and USB memory files that connect.
  • Explore folders with multimedia content compression and playback functions.
  • Connect services in the cloud, NAS, LAN, FTP, PC.

Cx File Explorer is one of the  best file explorer android 2019

Xiaomi File Managerfile explorer android

  • Xiaomi has its own application to manage files that can be installed on any device to get the following functions:
  • Recent files that you have used.
  • Hide files and folders
  • Transfer files between other mobile devices and PC.
  • See used space and clean space.

ASUS File Manager (File Explorer)file explorer android

This browser allows you access to LAN and SMB files, also makes the most of the use of multimedia without any problem, saves disk space by compressing files and best of all, it is compatible for all mobile devices.

Solid Explorer File Managerfile explorer android

This 14-day trial version contains two separate panels that act as file scanners, custom options, plus you can manage files in the cloud, root access, create ZIP files, 7ZIP protected by a password and many functions plus.

BONUS: ES Disk Analyzer

An essential part of the management of files and folders is to obtain detailed information about the consumption of internal memory and how it can be optimized (the, compress, clean). This is precisely what this application does.

  • List the redundant files.
  • Large files
  • Compress little used or large images.
  • Delete cache files.
  • List new files
  • Uninstall little-used apps.


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