FiiO Q1 II: Amplifier with Hi-Res sound optimization

On previous occasions, we have already mentioned the good work that the Fiio manufacturer has been doing in “Premium” portable audio devices. The truth is that its catalog not only includes players that resemble what is offered by classic equipment such as iPods, but also much more specific models, such as the example of the FiiO Q1 II amplifier.

FiiO Q1 Mark II is an amplifier with built-in DAC that offers all users an immediate update of the original sound quality. It works with an immediate connection via USB DAC (high quality external sound card for PC / Mac) with headphone output or DAC line output, and even with iPhone or as an independent headphone amplifier (input / output line).

FiiO Q1 II Features

FiiO Q1 II

Dimensions 99 x 59 x 12.5 mm
Weight 101 grams
Colors Black
Output power 75mW at 32 Ohm for normal output, 220mW at 32 Ohm for balanced
THD + N <0.003% (USB DAC), <0.002% (AUX IN)
Sample rates supported 384 kHz / 32 bit
DSD support DSD64 / 128/256
Battery capacity 1800 mAh
SNR > 115dB (AUX IN),> 110dB (USB DAC)
Impedance compatible 16-150 Ohm (BAL)
Battery life > 20 hours (AUX IN),> 10 hours (USB DAC)
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Construction with excellent materials

Starting with regards to the design, its rectangular format responds to official dimensions of 99 x 59 x 12.5 mm and a weight of 101 grams, FiiO Q1 II is completely built in a metallic structure that allows you to enjoy a modern and attractive vision to the At the same time it achieves protection against electromagnetic interference.

In this way, problems in the fidelity of sound reproduction are avoided when used with other devices such as iPhone mobiles, at the same time that the entire structure has been subjected to an anodizing treatment so that the amplifier offers a pleasant sensation to the Touch and feel safe in the hands to avoid falls and bumps.

To conclude, the volume adjustment wheel has been redesigned for this generation in order to maximize the size of its diameter and the user can quickly change the levels with more comfort. The surface also has small 45° stretch marks that improve the grip of the wheel so that it can be operated accurately.

FiiO Q1 II

The best in the sound industry

FiiO Q1 Mark 2 does not forget any of the requirements of the most specialized users in this genre, so this time it has been added a certification from the Japan Audio Society. This promises support for Hi-Res sound quality that optimizes the audio listening experience in all types of content.

On the other hand, the equipment comes equipped with the XMOS platform, which means that it is capable of decoding more formats with excellent audio quality. Up to 384 kHz / 32bit are supported in PCM format as well as up to DSD256 in a completely native way. All this is complemented by a series of independent crystal oscillators, each destined to deal with the different frequencies to achieve a more accurate digital to analog conversion.

Quality is not only appreciated abroad and this model adds the best internal components of the market. For example, the DAC chip used corresponds to AKM AK4452, which decodes sampling frequencies while maintaining low noise and almost non-existent distortion. In addition, the chips used for the amplification section are the same used for other popular players of the brand, such is the case of FiiO M7.

Compatibility with new devices

One of the great advantages in FiiO Q1 II specifications can be seen in the addition of the new Apple MFI certification, which means that it can be used without problems with all Cupertino brand devices. It is mentioned that only 2% of the products pass the tests to achieve said certification, which makes clear their “Premium” sound quality.

Regarding the use with Apple phones, just use the Lightning to micro USB adapter from the iPhone and so you can continue using conventional headphones with 3.5 mm jack for maximum playback convenience.

On the other hand, the use of a specially designed cable (purchased separately) facilitates the connection of the FiiO Q1 II with the high-end Sony Walkman players through the WM port. Thus, all audio will be decoded by the protagonist of this analysis with an important evolution in sound quality in any type of music genres.

Finally, the player can be used as a USB DAC and can be paired with a computer with Windows operating system by installing a separate driver(supports audio formats up to 384 kHz / 32bit) and also with MAC with automatic recognition without the need for Download anything on the computer.

FiiO Q1 II

More features available

Completing the benefits of FiiO Q1 Mark II we must mention the ADC volume adjustment technology that is responsible for solving classic problems such as unbalance between left and right channels. Background noise is also avoided when operating the volume wheel as well as increasing the accuracy of the volume steps.

Each user also has the freedom between switching between normal and balanced output independently so that the headphone experience can be configured in a personalized way, while the inclusion of switches to control the gain and with bass enhancement function to adapt with those contents that need a greater power due to high impedances.

Those interested in purchasing the equipment will receive with their purchase a series of accessories such as a Lightning to micro USB adapter, a micro USB cable to connect to the computer, a classic 3.5 mm audio cable, four silicone bands to adapt it to other devices, a non-slip rubber band and a carrying case.

Availability and price of FiiO Q1 Mark II

To buy FiiO Q1II you can get it at a competitive price through compare online as well as receive international shipments through the always reliable Amazon or even find several publications available from eBay.


  • Design with high quality materials
  • Native support for Hi-Res sound
  • Variety of ports and wide compatibility
  • Competitive price


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