Safety Gadgets For Children

A child is the most precious thing a parent has. To some extent, the child is the meaning of life, and therefore loving mom and dad will do everything possible so that nothing happens to him. Unfortunately, we live in a dangerous world in which anything can happen. And if an adult can stand up for himself in a certain situation, then a child is unlikely. That is why developers around the world create special gadgets for children, who have already managed to save a lot of lives. In this article, we will acquaint you with the most important, in our opinion, devices that will help you monitor your baby and know for sure that he is in order. Read carefully, because you will find many interesting things!

Safety Gadgets For Children

The first gadgets for children: baby monitors

Let’s start with the devices for the little ones. Surely you know what a baby monitor is. To put it in simple terms, this is a compact device, like a walkie-talkie, designed for eavesdropping a child. It’s simple: you place one device in the nursery, and the other in any other room in which you are located. Every time when the child will cry or make any other loud sounds, you will hear them through the speaker of the baby monitor. Thus, you have the opportunity to follow the baby from any part of the apartment. You will be able to clean, cook and do any other things without having to constantly run to the nursery. It is very convenient. Note that the device must be chosen wisely and, perhaps, the first thing to pay attention to is the range. If you have a big house, the baby monitor must be quite “powerful.”

Safety Gadgets For Children

If the capabilities of the baby monitor are not enough for you, there is a more useful device for monitoring the safety of the child – a baby monitor. By the principle of operation, it is no different, but it has a clear advantage: one of the devices is equipped with a camera, and the other has a monitor mounted. With it, caring parents will be able not only to hear but also to see their baby. It is such a pleasure more expensive, but the safety of the child is still priceless. If you have just born a baby, be sure to check out the different models of radio and video baby. Surely you will find something interesting!

Safety Gadgets For Children

Smartwatch for location tracking

Speaking of gadgets for children, not to mention the electronic clock to track the location. They have built-in GPS tracker (motion sensor), which in real time transmits data about where the child is. They work very simply: you insert a SIM card of any operator (necessarily with a configured Internet) into them and download a special application to your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Through him, you will see the location of your baby.

Safety Gadgets For Children

It is worth noting that there are a lot of smartwatches now. The best models also have many other useful features:

  1. SOS button. By clicking on it, the child will transmit a distress signal to their parents. Thus, if something happens to your baby, you can immediately come to the rescue.
  2. Geofences. With the help of some models of watches, it is possible to establish allowed geofences for a child. It’s simple: every time the child goes beyond the allowed limits, the parent will receive an alarm signal.
  3. Wiretap. A microphone for wiretapping is built into many devices. If for some reason you need to know how your kid communicates with his peers, what his teachers say, and so on, a watch with a built-in microphone is a great option.
  4. Built-in phone. Some models have a built-in phone where a child can communicate with you.

The advantage of such gadgets for children is their compactness. Given that the baby will wear the device on the wrist, it is very unlikely that he will somehow lose it. Another distinct advantage of watch for tracking is that the child may not know that he is being watched. Just buy him an accessory and say that it is a gift. He will wear it and not feel the discomfort that he could feel if he knew that he was constantly being watched.

Safety Gadgets For Children

Gadgets for children: ultrasonic dog scares

There are situations when a child does not have to rely on the help of parents. Imagine that a dog will attack your child. Even if you will be 5 minutes from the baby, you will hardly have time to help him. Fortunately, this happens very rarely, but why not play it safe?

If you live somewhere in the private sector, and the person’s best friends are constantly running along your streets, buy an ultrasonic dog repeller for your child. This is a very simple device, often equipped with just one button. Clicking on it will generate ultrasound from the built-in speaker: the person does not hear it, but the dogs will not. This signal will provoke panic in animals, and they will run away in fear away from him. New models of repellers are equipped with light bulbs that create bright flashes, temporarily blinding and disorienting dogs.

Safety Gadgets For Children

It is worth noting that the ultrasonic repeller is not a panacea. Some dogs are trained, while others may be deaf. Therefore, we give you advice: that the dogs do not appear on your street, do not need them to lure.

Children’s phones

Your baby is too small, so you do not buy him a smartphone? Give him a gift – buy a children’s phone. This gadget is suitable for a child for 3 years. Its key differences are the minimum set of features and ease of use of the device. As a rule, the device is equipped with several large buttons, each of which is tied to the number of one of the family members. Parents will also be able to activate an outgoing call that is invisible to the child every time they want to listen to it. Modern models are equipped with GPS trackers, and therefore caring mom and dad will be able to know for sure that the kid visits only place safe for him.

Safety Gadgets For Children

Consider the advantages of a children’s phone:

  • Often it takes a long time to charge the battery (when GPS is turned on, the operation time is reduced);
  • the device is compact, and therefore the baby will not have problems with its use;
  • it is possible to control many models remotely.

If we talk about the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting the possibility of losing these gadgets for children. It is not attached to the body, and therefore an inattentive baby may inadvertently drop it or forget the device anywhere.


Perhaps the easiest device of all discussed in the article is a bracelet with a GPS navigator. Its functionality is simple. You can track the location and set a safe distance (if the child moves away from mom and dad beyond the set distance, an alarm will come to the smartphone or tablet of the parent). The bracelet works via Bluetooth, and therefore it does not need to insert a SIM card. Since this gadgets for children is extremely simple, its price is minimal. If you are looking for something inexpensive and practical, this device is a great solution.

Safety Gadgets For Children

But a lot of shortcomings in the device. Firstly, it works via Bluetooth, which means the mobile device to which the bracelet is connected will be quickly discharged. Secondly, it is possible to find a child on the card only if he has not moved further than the place where the Bluetooth signal catches. If he runs away from his parents for a long distance, the gadget will be useless. This bracelet does not guarantee complete safety of the child, but because parents will have to carefully monitor their child.

Smart rings

Do not be surprised, but even such an accessory as a ring can be “smart”. This gadget for kids is very compact, and therefore its functionality is appropriate. Often, the device has only a panic button, which the baby can click on to alert the parents to the alarm. One of the advantages is the fact that losing the ring is almost impossible. If we talk about the shortcomings, the price of such gadgets is often very high.

Safety Gadgets For Children


If you have a tablet or a smartphone from Apple, as well as you often go to the sea, do not miss the gadget for children iSwimband. If you describe it in simple terms, this is a special tape that is worn on the head, which is designed to prevent the crumbs from drowning. If the child lingers underwater for longer than a certain time, the device will give a signal to the phone of one of the parents. The device works via Bluetooth, and therefore it is important to be at a distance of up to 30 meters from the baby. Such gadgets for children are not very popular in the CIS countries, but in the United States, it is widespread, as in this country a huge number of pools.

Safety Gadgets For Children

Small tricks

To ensure the safety of your child, it is not necessary to spend money on children’s gadgets. We will share with you some tricks that quite possibly save the life of your baby.

Light reflecting stickers

We advise you to buy stickers-reflectors. Their purpose is very simple: they stick to any clothes and reflect the light so that drivers can see them in the dark. There are many products of clothing with light reflectors, but it is much easier and cheaper to buy a simple sticker, isn’t it?


Provide additional security for your baby you can with the help of special tags. They indicate the child’s residential address, parents’ contact details, and any other useful information. If your child is lost, good people will probably mark a tag on his wrist and use the data to contact you to find you.

Safety Gadgets For Children

We hope that you read the article with interest and noticed for yourself some interesting safety gadgets for children. Watch carefully for your child, and then nothing bad will happen to him!


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