7 cheap gaming headphones for less than 100 dollars

These are the best cheap gaming headphones for less than 100 dollars that we can buy, a selection of the best helmets to play that combine sound quality and microphone to have the best performance in online games.

At the time of play come into play, worth the redundancy, different factors to enjoy the best experience. The television or monitor should be adequate, as well as the peripheral control that we use and, of course, the gaming headphones.

Having the best gaming headphones is a must, as we will not only enjoy a better sound in those situations where we can not play with the full volume, but we have a tool to position rivals in online games.

In addition, although any helmet is worth to enjoy the sound of the games, gaming headphones have a built-in microphone, and if you play using voice chat in the game, or in a game party, you must have the best possible gaming headset.

The good thing is that we can find very good cheap gaming headphones to enjoy both the game alone and online games without spending money (which are quite expensive other peripherals and the screen).

Next, we will show you the 7 best cheap gaming headphones for less than 100 dollars that you can buy, helmets with enough quality to enjoy gaming, but also to use them as a microphone if you perform streaming.

Sades A6gaming headphones

We started with one of the best cheap gaming headphones, the Sades A6. It is a spectacular model that, for less than 35 dollars allows us to enjoy a great quality of audio and microphone.

It seems incredible that for this price we can find decent gaming helmets, but they are really comparable to many models that have a much higher price.

The design is not the strong point of these helmets, which still manage to be quite comfortable thanks to their materials. They adapt well to the head and are light. The best thing is the quality, and volume, of the sound (with virtual 7.1 decoding ), as well as the quality of the microphone.

They work with any device that has a 3.5 mm jack input (all of this list are the same) and have a variety of colors. For 28 dollars you can get one of the best cheap gaming headphones.

Logitech G231gaming headphones

We continue with a mark of the fixed ones in a matter of peripherals so much for consoles as for PC. Two Logitech gaming helmets have crept into this list of the best gaming helmets for less than 100 dollars. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, the G231 is the best you can buy.

It is a gaming helmet with stereo sound that has 40 mm transducers and some sports fabric pads that cover the entire ear. In addition, they are removable to wash after a few uses.

It has a very … well, very gaming design, with aggressive lines and a combination of black and orange colors that feels great.

In addition, they have controls built into the cable, two meters to play the console without problems, and a unidirectional microphone foldable. Of course, it does not have ambient noise suppression. For 42 dollars it can be ours.

Corsair HS50gaming headphones

The corsair HS50 are surprising headphones. They are comfortable in the ear since they do not squeeze too much and we can take them without problem for hours. However, at the top, they do not have enough padding and they can bother.

If we ignore that, we get a great sound quality for less than 100 dollars. Its foam coating manages to “catch” the entire contour of the ear and has a great reproduction of both treble and, above all, bass.

The materials used give a feeling of quality, with metallic parts and the logo of Corsair with the candles in the wind on the sides, and the microphone has a great audio quality.

They are one of the best gaming headphones below 100 dollars, specifically for about 60 dollars.

Logitech G233gaming headphones

The next gaming helmet is also from Logitech, but of a superior generation. The Logitech G233 is not content with being one of the best cheap gaming helmets, it also wants us to take it out of the house to make us enjoy mobile music or video games on laptops.

This is a very light headphone in which the fabric predominates in the giant mesh pads that line the speakers, as well as in the upper part to be more comfortable and comfortable to wear for hours.

It has a motor that enhances the bass (common in gaming headphones) and has a more minimalist design than other gaming headphones.

How can we get him out of the house? Easy, the microphone is completely extracted to be able to use them as if they were headphones to play music. The price is about 82 dollars.

Razer Kraken 7.1gaming headphones

We started to enter the medium-premium range of gaming headphones with a very interesting Razer model, the Kraken Pro V2. It is a gaming headset that does not have a very aggressive design, but that perfectly fulfills its function.

The synthetic leather pads with huge and cover the entire ear, the aluminum structure is very solid and have 50 mm diaphragms, larger than other headphones on this list.

They feature virtual 7.1 sound and an aluminum grid design that surrounds the Razer logo with RGB lighting. The microphone is retractable, although not removable, and the quality of reception is quite good.

We can do with him for 88 dollars and, although it is not one of those that we can take out of the home, due to its bulky size, it is one of the best cheap gaming headphones we can buy.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Progaming headphones

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro is another of the best cheap gaming headphones that we can buy. It has a design that draws attention with large pads and an aluminum headband with some red finished brackets that give a very nice touch to the set.

The microphone is removable and has noise cancellation to be able to speak clearly with the companions of the game. In addition, the speakers have a technology that HyperX has dubbed as ” double camera ” to minimize distortion and offer a wider range of sounds.

The price is 82.99 dollars and it is one of the best gaming helmets we can buy.

Corsair Void Progaming headphones

Corsair has mid-range headphones, but also high-end and premium. The latter does not fit into this list of the best cheap gaming helmets, but the Void Pro RGB does have a place.

It is one of the best gaming headphones for less than 100 dollars that we can buy, an elegant team with a very marked gaming design that has 50 mm speakers, 7.1 sound certified by Dolby and large pads.

The unidirectional microphone has an ambient sound suppression engine to generate clear conversations and also has the Corsair logo with RGB lighting.

They are helmets that attract attention, although to be able to enjoy all the power we have to use them in a PC with the USB port. Yes, they are compatible with consoles, but we will not get real 7.1 sound. The price is 83 dollars.

So far our list of the best gaming headphones for less than 100 dollars. As you can see, there are models of all kinds and characteristics, and unless you want a wireless model, you do not have to spend a lot of money to have quality audio.


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