TOP 10 Indian Series that you cannot miss

Over time, it has been seen how the content of the Indian series has increased on various screens. Different channels have chosen to include a large number of stories in languages ​​such as Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. Without neglecting the quality with which they are characterized.

Good receptivity on the part of the audience regarding this type of series has been verified. That is why we thought about making a TOP 10 Indian Series for you. I hope you enjoy it!

TOP 10 Indian Series

TOP 10 Indian Series

10- Little Things

It is a series that shows us anecdotes not very different from those of ordinary life, but it has its special touch. In it we see the story of a couple living together in Mumbai. They are Kavya (Mithila Palkar) and Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal), two young men in their twenties.

Little Things shows us the daily life of the couple; the ups and downs of work, their personal experiences and their relationship as such over the years.

9- Taj Mahal

It takes us to know three interconnected love stories, with characters of different ages. The life of Sarita and Akhtar, two university professors united in a loveless marriage. The story of Sudhakar (Akhtar’s friend) and Mumtaz, who fight against social norms to stay together.

Finally, the relationship between Dharam and Rashmi, two university students who love each other very much, but with a relationship affected by jealousy, politics, among other elements. Without a doubt, one of the best Indian series you will see.

8- She

It is an Indian series that follows the story of Bhumika Pardesi. A 29-year-old police officer leaves her comfort zone to fulfill an intelligence mission.

In one of her routine days, Bhumika Pardesi is called from headquarters along with her partner Mhatra, to work on an undercover investigation. She must pretend to be a prostitute and in this way reach Sasya, to obtain as much information as possible about the Indian drug trafficking network.

7- Bard of Blood

Another of the great Indian series is Bard of Blood, which we cannot leave out in this top. An action story that has gained the attention of many people. Where we see, a former agent of the Indian secret services, named Kabir Anand. A brave analyst is known as Isha Khanna, and Veer Singh, a sleeper agent.

Together they undertake a covert mission in Baluchistan, the objective of which is to free four kidnapped spies. Throughout the story, it is shown how Kabir Anand faces his demons to avoid war when the mission becomes difficult.

6- Mirzapur

This Indian series has become an international phenomenon thanks to its great success. It focuses on Akhandanand Tripathi, a renowned carpet manufacturer and in turn a great mobster; drug and arms dealer in Mirzapur. She has a power-hungry son who will go out of her way to inherit her legacy.

On his way, he crosses Ramakant Pandit, an important lawyer who will propose to lower him from the throne where he is. Although his sons Guddu and Bablu will also be involved in that world.

5- Selection Day

In the top 5 of the Indian series, we have Selection Day, with a high audience index. Selection Day is on the screen to entertain you. It tells of the experience of two teenagers, Manju (Samad) and Radha (Dholye) who aspire to be international cricketers.

Both boys manage to get a scholarship to a prestigious sports school, where their lives begin to change. Throughout the story, each discovers their personality and faces real-world pressures to succeed.

4- Leila

This amazing series is based on the novel written by Prayaag Akbar. In a futuristic setting, he shows us the path of Shalini (Huma Qureshi). A mother in search of her daughter, from whom she had to separate, thanks to a totalitarian regime.

This Indian mother is forcibly deprived of her liberty. Remain imprisoned in a field of purity accepting every imposed rule. But in the end, after so many years of anguish and oppression, he decides to flee to find Leila.

3- Ghoul

Leading the top 3 Indian series, this Ghoul, is a horror miniseries that has many people watching. It is set in a dystopian future in India. It stars Radhika Apte, a military officer tasked with interrogating a terrorist who is possessed by the Ghoul.
This event triggers a variety of terrifying supernatural events. Hell breaks out in the military installations as the demon gains strength.

2- Delhi Crime

The most acclaimed story by all, a crime drama that has shocked many people. It is based on the rape of a young girl in the capital of India – Delhi. A brutal crime that left many consequences, which in turn provoked protests for a long time in the country.

The story follows an incredible investigation as the Delhi police are tasked with bringing the culprits of this event to jail. Over the course of the program, we will look at every detail, different problems that the police face during the investigation period.

1- Sacred Games

To end our TOP 10 INDIAN SERIES on top, nothing better than Sacred Games. One of the best Indian stories so far. It revolves around a terrorist attack in Mumbai, and a police officer with the arduous task of stopping this catastrophe.

Sartaj Singh is a police officer, who is contacted by the gangster Ganesh Gaitonde, to inform him that he has exactly 25 days to save Mumbai. At this, Sartaj Singh is surprised and does not know where to start, but he has to react to this fact.

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