The Best Apps for Apple Watch

Apps for Apple Watch– The Apple Watch already has enough time between us to be able to know with enough confidence for what works and what does not. A smartwatch like it serves much more than to receive notifications or change the watch face . Apple has been responsible for adapting their native iOS applications to work on the Apple Watch so that we have applications to monitor our physical activity, to see our calendar, navigate through Maps or see our photos: But as it happens with the iPhone or iPad, all this is only a trifle if we compare it with the potential offered by the App Store.

The developers, more or less quickly, are adapting their apps for Apple Watch, and far from being simple “reflections” of what they do iOS applications have endowed in many cases specific functions that increase their usefulness . If we access the App Store and see the catalog of applications available for the Apple Watch is huge, but let’s face it, not all of them provide us with features that we really want to use on a daily basis with our watch. In this selection I try to show you those that, at least in my opinion, can be very useful and will really give your watch more functionality.

Essential Apps for Apple Watch

best apps for Apple Watch

The new were able of the Recuperation company explores its maximum potential with the installation of apps, so it is very important to know what are the best apps for Apple Watch that you can install completely free.

Within the wide variety of titles that we can find in the App Store , there are certain tools that were designed to get the most out of this gadget. Let’s review the essential apps that you must have on your device.


We start with this fantastic application that monitors all your physical activity at the time of playing sports. Runtastic was originally available for iPhone and iPad, but with the arrival of Apple Watch , we can now access the statistical data of the software from our smart watch. Runtastic shows information related to the distance traveled, duration, speed, pace, and number of calories burned so far.

The best games for Apple Watch

the best apps for Apple Watch

Within the category of video games, we can also find a fantastic RPG game that was designed especially for Apple’s smart watches. This is Runeblade , an excellent proposal to spend hours of fun solving missions and getting incentives for your character. The control mechanism is quite simple and addictive, two reasons to encourage you to install it on the device.

On the other hand, we find Trivia Crack, which is not only one of the best applications to install in Apple Watch , also one of the most addictive and popular games in the world that you can wear on your wrist.

The application is full of countless questions that you must solve in the shortest possible time. You can also challenge other users or accept challenges.

Other apps

top apps for Apple

Slack: A fantastic document manager to create, share and receive content with other users. The idea is to be able to send personalized messages, notes or reminders of the work, to keep you updated on the things you should do.

Instagram: Check out your friends’ posts with the Instagram version for smart watches. It is a very well adapted adaptation that makes it possible to navigate through the social network of photographic filters with great comfort.

Shazam: After his resounding success in mobile devices and computers, Shazam arrives at the handheld equipment to detect the songs that sound on the radio with the same effectiveness.

Which of these applications do you plan to install? Remember that by entering the App Store it is possible to find a lot of free and paid Apps for Apple Watch.

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a apps for Apple

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