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The ingenuity of the human being seems to have no limits. It is impressive how, in so little time that we have been on this planet, we have managed to stop adapting to the environment, but now we are the ones who shape our context to our liking. This has been thanks to the creation of a huge amount of tools and inventions with which we have helped. We share PC maintenance tips for you.

There are very few inventions that can boast of having changed the world so much that they have even molded its geography.

The car is a good example of this. We see how everyday whole areas are modified to give steps to these powerful machines that came to stay.

Another good example of this is computers, which although used in enclosed spaces, the need to be constantly connected, has led to the manufacture of antennas, as well as the laying of kilometers that aerial, underground and even submarine wiring.

The personal computer today is convincingly competing with the rise of mobile equipment. But, although its prominence has gone to the background, they are still irreplaceable, thanks to the fact that we can not even do everything on a mobile phone that we can do on a computer.

PC maintenance tips

It is not enough to just have it turned on and use it, but we also need to know how to take care of it. Today I will show you the following tips for PC maintenance, said by a professional with more than 10 years of experience in the branch.

Put these PC maintenance tips to test and check the results.

Partition your hard drivePC maintenance tips

According to our expert, people do not know how important it is to have a partitioned disk or failing that, to have two physical disks in the PC. The primary partition of the disk is where the programs are mainly installed, it is also where the main operating system is housed. For this reason, all virus attacks that destroy information focus on this area. It is important for PC maintenance tips.

Having a secondary partition or another hard disk, unfortunately, does not guarantee that you will be immune from an attack since this will also depend on the type of virus you are facing. But it does reduce the possibility that you can lose a lot of information. In addition to this, having the partition facilitates the maintenance of the equipment in case you need to format the system, and with it, you need to back up the information.

FormatPC maintenance tips

Beware of this, what I am going to tell you is a huge sin in the computer world. Formatting a team is considered by many to be the last resort, and also, only for “Cowards”.

Yes, that’s right, everyone who promulgates the idea of formatting a team is demonized. Because, in the eyes of other experts, he is so incompetent in his work, that it is the only viable solution he finds.

But nothing is further from reality. When you have been in this field for so long, you realize that it is the best solution.

According to our expert, there have been times when finding the fault translates into hours and hours of work that the client does not recognize, and even then there is a risk that the system will fail and the client will ask for a guarantee for the repair. , and when you review thoroughly, the failure turned out to be totally different from the one you attended in the beginning. It another PC maintenance tips.

The technician goes on to explain that there are many people who get their hands because they have had a hard time with another technician, and it is necessary because of that foolish courage and perseverance, which is personal opinion is pride, not to say they failed in a repair.

Formatting lasts a few hours, and they will always be the same according to the type of installation you want to do. With this you will have a totally clean system, and that you can guarantee your client.

AntivirusPC maintenance tips

Erroneously, customers think that having an antivirus on their computer, there should no longer be the possibility of it becoming infected. Nothing could be further from the truth.

An antivirus is a system that has a library where certain viruses stand out, which are continually updated. And in addition, the extension of this library will depend on the type of system you are installing. That is, if it is free, professional, Premium, etc.

It must be made clear to the client, or if it is something personal, do not forget that. With an antivirus you only reduce the possibility of infection, it is not eliminated completely. What will reduce this possibility to a point almost null is the behavior that the user has inside the computer.

If you are one of those who uses flash memory on any PC and then open it without analyzing it in your order or those who download pirated programs, then you are already on the wrong path.

The antivirus is essentially good each. Of course, some stand out more than others. But the best advice I can give is “Do not be stingy and pay for the professional or Premium version”.

Clean your systemPC maintenance tips

As you use your PC, it tends to accumulate garbage. To better understand this imagine the dust in your house or the clothes that you have not washed for a month in your room.

This does not become harmful to the point of damaging your equipment. But all that information occupies important space that you could probably take advantage of in a better way.

There are programs that are responsible for the search and removal of these junk files, some are paid, others free. There are very popular versions but do not get carried away by it. Choose the one that suits your needs.

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Defrag your diskPC maintenance tips

Defragmenting your hard drive is an important part of getting the system to work quickly again. The time between each defragmentation will depend on the use that is given to the team. And the duration of the same will depend on the size of the disk, as well as the amount of information it contains.

The operating system brings a tool by default, but there are also paid and free versions that become even better.

Clean it insidePC maintenance tips

Our expert indicates that, personally, he prefers a computer that has separated the monitor. And the horns of the case where the motherboard is with the rest of the components of the computer. This brings many advantages, not only when expanding, but also when cleaning.

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Computers are magnets of dirt, dust, dirt. If not cleaned regularly, the fan (fan cooler) of the source processor will be obstructed and the PC will die due to heat.

To clean it inside, it is recommended to use a small brush, a mask, protective lenses, and an antistatic wrist strap. Our technician uses an air compressor, as it is a fast and very efficient method. But if your computer is all in one or you have a laptop. And you do not dare to disarm your PC, it is best to take it to an expert.

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Although many do not believe it, computers also require maintenance, as well as a house or a car. Realizing it is not a very difficult process because tools have been created that facilitate the process.

But the best thing that can be done so that the maintenance is not so periodic. And avoid problems with customers, is to create awareness and instruct the same client.

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