ChatCompose: Build Chatbots to automate sales and support

Most companies have a long list of processes that could be automated. To determine which ones will provide you with the highest ROI, think about what tasks are taking the most amount of time from your team. Is any team member using more than 30-60 minutes in a particular daily process? If the process is repetitive and follows certain rules, it can surely be automated.

While Process Automation has the ability to handle some specific processes, there are some that particularly waste a lot of time in the company, such as managing sales and responding to support requests.

Currently, sales teams dedicates only a third of its workday to selling. The rest of his time is spent in tasks such as scheduling calls, meetings, classifying potential clients or writing emails. What if there was a way to substantially reduce what these cumbersome tasks consume?

ChatCompose is a chatbot platform that lets you create your own AI chatbot, compose sales and conversational scripts and deploy your chatbot across popular communication channels to generate and qualify leads and automate customer support.

The automation of these sales process allows you to optimize the work of your sales force, speeding up routine tasks that waste a lot of time without generating any added value.

By establishing circuits in which automatic tasks are performed with the platform, the final efficiency of a company is increased, which in turn increases profits.

ChatCompose creates chatbots and smart agents that can provide support or initiate conversations to get more contacts or leads, by using conversation scripts designed in the platform. The script builder lets you design scripts to capture and qualify leads, make reservations and calendar bookings, open support tickets and answer the most frequent questions, among other process.

After creating your chatbot you can deploy it across most popular communication channels, such as Websites, WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram.

Phone Call Bots

There are many tools on the market to automatically dial a phone number. It is normal for CRM or the customer database to be connected to the switchboard to include this possibility at the press of a key. ChatCompose has redesigned that process by allowing sales team to design scripts for phone call bots.

The Phonebots will call potential or existing customer, capture leads or request, and transfer de call to a human agent on certain conditions you can choose.

Telephone bots receive and make sales calls to complement the work of your sales and customer service team. They can book meetings, capture leads and perform surveys. You can also set up a bot to receive calls, filter and redirect them to the appropiate agents.

In recent years, Chatbots have taken giant steps in a world that is starting to adopt Artifitial Intelligence. These little robots have been evolving their interactions with us and are now ready to do a lot of tasks people used to do.

They undoubtedly have taken businesses to a new level and have managed to save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in staff costs for the customer service sector.


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