How To Improve Your Smartphone’s Casino Gaming Experience

The advantage of mobile gaming is that you can play your favorite Android casino game despite your location. However, sometimes you may need to perform a few phone adjustments to get the best of your mobile gaming experience. Sometimes the problem is not about the casino itself, but it’s about optimizing your smartphone’s performance to get the best mobile casino gaming experience.

Below is a quick review of a few smart things you can do to improve your mobile casino gaming experience.

  1. Update Your Apps And OS

Part of your optimization pattern should also include updating your phone so that it’s running the most recent version of the Android operating system it can use. Every new Android release is designed to better the performance, connectivity, and stability of your device. These updates also come with a new range of user-friendly apps and features.

By going to ‘About phone,’ you can check which software version of the Android operating system is installed on your phone. Then you can check for the latest upgrade online. But if you need to carry out a system update of your tablet or smartphone, follow the instructions to download and install the newest version. The same update guide applies to any apps you rely on: Your device will function better with the latest software update installed.

  1. Disable/Remove Bloatware

The word bloatware describes pre-installed apps on your mobile device – which you never use – put there by the device manufacturer or by your service provider. Entirely removing unwanted bloatware involves a procedure known as rooting – a clean, uncluttered type of upgrade – which sometimes can be tricky to arrange. However, there’re other ways to control bloatware on your phone.

For example, you can identify these apps and restrict them from automatically updating. In some cases, you may as well be able to uninstall those app upgrades, which in return, will gain you some additional storage space. Moreover, it’s essential to ensure that these apps are not set up on your phone as default options. Wherever possible, use a phone with a pure Android OS which won’t come with a host of unwanted games and software which perform no useful purpose.

  1. Disable Bluetooth/GPS/Syncing And Other Functions When Not In Use

Although sync is a quality feature that helps your phone work efficiently, its norm of regularly checking and refreshing your data can sometimes hinder your phone’s potential to carry out other tasks. So to reduce this cutback in phone performance, it is worth turning off the sync function for all but your essential services.

The same applies to your phone’s GPS and Bluetooth functions, which are also very functional but will similarly diminish your phone’s prime gaming performance if they’re left on to perform tasks you hardly use, or will only need at certain times. It’s worth remembering that simply disabling features and apps is not the same as uninstalling them. The action is harmless to your phone, and such elements can be easily and quickly enabled again whenever they’re needed.


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