4 Best Colleges for Experiential Learning

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Strong writing skills are essential for success in any career, but the competitive job market is changing, and modern employers are looking for graduates with more than just academic experience. That’s why many colleges and universities across the United States focus on experiential learning, which can be described as learning by doing. Experiential learning can take many different forms, for example, undergraduate research, fieldwork, co-ops and internships, volunteering, service learning opportunities, and study abroad.

Students who study to get their degrees in such colleges are exposed to real-world problems and work on solving them in real-world situations. Such experiences enhance student outcomes by preparing them to live in the workforce and set them apart from the crowd when they are looking for their first job. Here are some schools that offer first-rate career preparation programs.

Greenville Technical College collaborates with community and business leaders and offers students a modernized curriculum with innovative classes. They have the Center for Manufacturing and Innovation, which brings together research and education. It partners with Clemson University and is supported by manufacturers working in the area. Students take part in real-life projects and can benefit from flexible and customizable programs in CNC Machining, Robotics and Mechatronics, 3D Printing, and more.

Franklin College offers a highly individualized learning experience to students and gives them access to mentorship and personal development. Experiential learning opportunities foster leadership, innovation, and independent thinking and offer excellent career prospects to college graduates. Students can take advantage of self-designed major degree track and participate in international research projects. 90% of students get their job or enroll at graduate schools within 6 months after graduation.

Olin College is an innovative school that transforms engineering education by offering students research-based learning opportunities. Students learn about mechanical systems, electronics, and software and have great opportunities to collaborate with students from other majors, participating in interdisciplinary projects. There is a year-long Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship program in which students and faculty work together to design products and services that can improve different aspects of human life and help to overcome poverty in developing countries of the world. These include such important areas like air quality, education, food security, and more.

Babson College offers students first-rate business education, and their goal is to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in every student. Babson’s Entrepreneurial Thought and Action methodology is recognized throughout the world. The teaching methods combine experimentation and creativity with sound business principles. Students get a deep understanding of the business fundamentals and rigorous analysis and learn to use their creativity and experimentation to apply their knowledge in real-world situations such as starting a business, solving global issues, creating a charity, and more. All students can participate in different global research projects and prepare for a changing business world. The Babson Social Innovation Lab connects diverse audiences to encourage social innovation and address global issues.


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