Adobe Sneaks: the technologies and concepts Adobe is developing

This year, the Adobe Summit 2020, an event in which Adobe talks about its solutions and future plans, was broadcast online in a video-on-demand format, one of them about the presentation of Adobe Sneaks.

Adobe Sneaks are the concepts and pilots developed by Adobe that could reach the final versions of its creative suite and analytics solutions.

And while only 60 percent of these reach consumers. Adobe opens the doors for users to vote on Twitter for their favorites using each other’s hashtags.

Adobe Sneaks of Adobe

#ProjectDuallyNotedAdobe Sneaks

It is a solution for two people to work together on a physical document, even if they are far apart.

With Adobe platforms, a user can annotate the digital version of a book. Or document and share them with another colleague.

Whoever has the physical version of the book or document, can point the camera of their smartphone towards it. And see with Augmented Reality the notes and comments of the other participant.

#ProjectSnippetsAdobe Sneaks

With this prototype, a digital marketer can use Adobe’s artificial intelligence to create posts with headings, descriptions, and images targeted at different reader profiles.

Thus, if a travel portal wants to reach calmer travelers, the platform will recommend putting images of museums and headings with the word “culture”, while for more active travelers, it will recommend a photo of someone climbing mountains with a head more animated.

#ProjectSegmentScoutAdobe Sneaks

This tool uses data mining and artificial intelligence. With it, a marketing expert can get your site to show certain attributes according to the needs of the type of customer who visits the page and thus even gets them to visit a certain section.

High analytical knowledge is not required to use this solution. You just have to add keywords of the type of user you want. And you will see the recommendations of the platform to reach your goal.

# Project ClothesSwap

It is a project developed for online clothing stores. Creators can choose photos of different models and types of clothing so that. With the push of a button, models can exchange clothes.

With this solution, customers can see what a certain blouse or dress would look like on different body types. Also, style recommendations can be made easily by adding combinations of pants or blouses.

# Project AccessAce

It is a tool that facilitates the inclusion of users with sight or hearing problems to an advertising campaign, informational mail or website.

Marketing experts upload their campaigns to the platform and the platform shows them an accessibility rating, indicating if the images do not have a good color contrast, if the font is very small or if the textures would be difficult to perceive for a certain percentage of customers.

Best of all, the tool has an “autocorrect” function and also connects to Adobe stock images.

# Project BonVoyage

This tool seeks to increase customer engagement with companies and their campaigns.

After analyzing the behavior patterns of, for example, hotel guests, marketers can plan specific strategies based on their tastes and habits.

In other words, if they know that guests who repeat their stay in a hotel always open their messages at 8 pm and are fans of roulettes, they will adapt their content in advertising mails to create user journeys.


It’s like Adobe’s IFTTT. This tool is used to easily connect and program actions between brand technologies.

For example, if you have high-quality images (RAW) in Photoshop and want to upload them to a web page. You can build a work thread. So that they automatically adapt to the needs of your page once you export them.

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