Top iOS games designed for the little ones

iOS games– In many occasions we have in our devices some game that can get us out of a hurry. They are not for us, but for our children, nephews or even grandchildren. They help us weather the storm when boredom and boredom prevail. Time to cast a little game?

We have thought about what can be the most entertaining iOS  games for that occasion, those that can get us out of a hurry and that are really designed to take your iPhone or iPad with enthusiasm. No, they are not empty games, but ones of considerable depth. Do you want to know what they are?

4 iOS games for I Phone or I Pad that will make children fall in love

Touch Life: Hospital

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If there is something that children love, it is playing to be adults, assume certain roles and want to be older. That’s why Toca Life: Hospital is a highly recommended game that puts you in a situation. They learn many concepts while having fun. A must that you must download.

Tayasui Blocks

iOS games designed for the little ones

Creativity is one of those stimuli when designing a game, and this is what the developers of Tayasui Blocks have taken as reference. By means of geometric and round bodies they will be able to give free rein to all type of constructions. To not lose sight of her.

Mc Panda Super pilot

top iOS games


The most crazy flying artifacts and funniest characters come together in this game that kids love. Imagination and intrepid adventures will make you have a great time. They will ask you yes or yes. Keep reading Play MS-DOS games on Twitter

Villa Sago Mini

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We finish with this proposal in which the construction of a villa is the protagonist. Imagination, capacity of organization and order, make of Villa Sago Mini one of the iOS games with more punch for the children of the home. The best thing of all is that it makes them think.

Children on iOS games and Android

a iOS games

Winter vacations are a great time for many reasons, but they also have their cons. On the one hand, those with small children can enjoy much more time of them and have them all day at home. But on the other hand, having children all day at home might not be so wonderful once the first few days have passed. Especially if we are vacationing outside the usual home, and we have moved away from your video game console or computer and your friends always, so your entertainment options are greatly reduced .

Fortunately, for these things tablets were invented . They can be taken on holiday without problems because they hardly take anything, the battery lasts much longer than that of a mobile phone and you can throw them to the children at nap time to be entertained until it’s time to go back to the beach , swimming pool or recreation area in which we have decided to spend the holidays. However, it is possible that our children, even if they are very young, already have an expert eye when it comes to judging the quality of a video game, so they will not be worth anything that we put them.

Finally, excellent proposals for the little ones at home. The developers of these applications that we show you today, have achieved that necessary balance between healthy learning and abundant fun to attract the attention of Children on iOS games to develop creativity, enhance their reasoning skills and above all, entertain. Waste of creativity and a visual language adapted to our children, are elements present in each of these applications, where we will also find nice characters, exquisite melodies and an impressive interactivity.


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