7 spooky video games that you won’t be able to play with the light off

Every gamer who appreciates being one has ever tried spooky video games. Be it the bloody ones, with monsters or psychological terror, these titles have something special that makes them irresistible, although after playing them we have to pay the price of not sleeping for a couple of days and feel that something is going to come out of the closet.

Here are the 7 spooky video games that, according to the critics, are the best in the horror genre.

# 1. Dead Spacespooky video games

Not happy to make you travel a desolate ship almost blindly, the developers of Dead Space decided that it would be a good idea to add the necromorphs, an extraterrestrial race with horrible designs and creative nature that make them adapt to the lack of limbs. Also, check this site.

# 2. Resident Evil HDspooky video games

The first horror survival. In 1996 Capcom was able to cause us stress by giving us the responsibility of managing our inventory, since if we did not use resources wisely, perhaps later we could regret it. Not content with trauma to a whole generation, they decided to take a remastering in 2016, using the graphic engines of the time and adding extra details to the plot that managed to increase the terror. You may also like to read, games like clash royale. To know more visit our blog http://techconnectmagazine.com/.

# 3. Outlastspooky video games

It is one of the psychological horror videogames par excellence. There are some games, such as Dead Space or Resident Evil, which are horrific characters, but at least you can defend yourself. It is one of the best spooky video games according to critics. In this case, your only weapon against mental asylum maniacs is a video camera with night vision … and that if you are lucky enough to find batteries. If you are a paranoid person, we recommend avoiding it. Lets play now.

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# 4. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiemspooky video games

This game takes Lovecraftian terror and takes it to the next level. Our main character has a sanity meter that, as the game progresses, is filled to fracture, causing strange events that will make your hair stand on end. Not only do things get complicated for the character, but also for the player, as “strange” mistakes in the game that will leave you uneasy begin to appear.

# 5. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterflyspooky video games

In today’s horror games, we almost always have to limit ourselves to running and surviving the different monsters or supernatural beings that seek to kill us. But in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is different, forcing us to face them. To survive in this game, you need to point the ghosts that are chasing you with a camera, to take a picture. The scares in this game are the order of the day.

# 6. PTspooky video games

Only the minds of Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima could bring this game to life. We only met the demo, but with that, it was more than enough to name it as one of the most terrifying games. The plot takes place in a hallway, where you have to go around the same place several times, but in each of them, it makes you feel the real terror. The best is the end, so intense that it still lives in our memory.

# 7. Amnesia: The Dark Descentspooky video games

The strong point of this game is that they do not abuse the most common resource: unexpected scares. Instead, it creates a high voltage environment with the use of ambient sounds. While you advance in the plot, little by little it is transformed into an annoying nightmare, which you want with all your soul to end.


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