6 video games like Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is not necessarily a continuation of Fallout 3 but rather a renewal of the original saga. Especially for the Shooter approach and the management and settlement building options. This is an Action RPG video game, with survival elements and based on a world destroyed by a nuclear apocalypse. and what similar options are there? Let’s see 6 video games like Fallout 4.

1. STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl6 video games like Fallout 4

STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl puts us in the flesh of a Stalker, a person who appears in the city of Chernobyl but does not remember anything and only has a PDA with the name of Strelok, whom we must assassinate. As in any survival game, things will not be easy: we must overcome our skills against zombies that can use weapons, monsters, mutant dogs and wolves, and radioactive pigs that will try to eat us if we give them the chance.

We could say that STALKER is one of the video games like Fallout 4. And it is that both put us in a post-apocalyptic world where nuclear bombs have devastated everything, surviving in the cruelties of the new geography and fauna. In addition to other groups of survivors who will not hesitate to shoot us in the forehead. In addition, the environment and the needs of the avatars force us to take refuge from radiation or to get food and drinking water, as if they were real humans. Click here to play for real money.

2. WASTED: A Post Apocalyptic Pub Crawler

In WASTED we are a survivor of the nuclear apocalypse and we wander through the arid lands of what was once the United States, in search of the precious radioactive elixir that grants mutant powers and all kinds of weapons to defend ourselves from other survivors who are also after maximum power.

WASTED is, in fact, a parody directly inspired by the Fallout saga, with a pun between the wasteland (“wasteland”) and the word “wasted”, used when someone is ruined by drinking so much. Although with different mechanics, in both games we will have the mission of going in search of something, in a relatively large and quite desolate world. Not everything is Nuka-Cola in life! So We could say that WASTED is one of the video games like Fallout 4.

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3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim6 video games like Fallout 4

Let’s step out of the post-apocalyptic worlds for a moment and enter the universe of Skyrim, one where mythological creatures like dragons are a reality. Our protagonist, Dovahkiin, has the responsibility of killing every creature that passes by. At least until he assassinates Alduin the dragon god, and prevents the destruction of the entire world.

And the resemblance between Skyrim and Fallout 4? The two video games present us with an open world through which we can venture, full of creatures and objects that enrich our history. Both created by Bethesda, Skyrim, and Fallout 4 are basically the same game, with classic RPG mechanics and very good narrative. There are even nods to Skyrim in Fallout 4! If you’re bored with firearms and prefer something more primitive, you know what to look for. So We could say that Skyrim is another video games like Fallout 4.

4. Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 gives us the same destruction characteristics as its predecessor, but this time with more monsters and special powers. The plot presents us with a game of revenge. Where 4 bounty hunters will go after Handsome Jack, who tries to eliminate them at all costs.

If we are to mention the similarities between Fallout 4 and Borderlands 2. So We must say that Borderlands 2 is another video games like Fallout 4. We must start with the ridiculously large amount of weaponry we can use. Additionally, the two games have millions of customization options, from weaponry, evolving physical abilities, special gear, and more. There are many games of violence, but very few that also work on the sense of humor!

5. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

We change the radioactive environment and go to Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, a game that presents us with the life of a recently turned vampire. Trying to make his way among the big shots of Los Angeles. While it is a shorter game and not an open-world game. This is the best recommendation for those looking for a pure RPG game with touches of psychological terror.

What is truly engaging about the game is its story and the various aspects of a Fallout-style RPG. Being able to incarnate from a vampire aristocrat of the Ventrue clan to an abominable but highly intelligent member of the Nosferatu. Each clan has different ways of approaching the same mission, from the gameplay to the political aspects and relationships with other NPCs; To make matters worse, we can also vary this more as we distribute our feature points.

6. Metro: Last Light Redux6 video games like Fallout 4

The last recommendation on our list could not be other than Metro: Last Light Redux, the remastered version of Metro: Last Light. As for the plot, the video game faithfully follows the marked story of its predecessor, but this time more action-oriented. We once again control Artyom, traveling with him through what remains of Russia after the nuclear bombing.

Both Fallout 4 and Metro: Last Light Redux boast the best graphics on the list. But what makes them so similar is in the terrifying atmosphere: a devastated world in which we handle ourselves, constantly at risk and see how badly it is. The others pass it, without knowing if they will arrive alive the next day. Just as Fallout has a lot of influence from popular culture and life in the United States. We could say that the Metro saga is its equivalent in Russia and Eastern Europe.


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