Harmful Effects Of Electromagnetic Fields

The electromagnetic fields conducive to the body’s stress response, causing changes in virtually all body functions, including a significant deterioration in the immune systems.

The continuous exposure to electromagnetic fields is what is known as electropollution. These waves come from two main sources: the high voltage lines and electrical substations and, on the other hand, the antennas of mobile telephony and telecommunication systems. In order to achieve a Healthy Home, we should get away from such sources, especially the former. On the occasion of the International Day against electromagnetic pollution. Today we talk about the effects that these types of fields can have on our own health.

Harmful Effects Of Electromagnetic Fields

How electromagnetic fields affect health

Precisely, with the arrival of this day, very diverse neighborhood organizations and environmentalists take to the streets to denounce the unsustainable growth of this type of pollution associated with the increasing proliferation of electrical infrastructures and telecommunication networks turned into an environmental problem.

Researchers from the University of Washington have come to the conclusion that prolonged exposure to low-level magnetic fields such as those coming from hair dryers, coffee makers or electric blankets can damage the DNA of brain cells. Similarly, many studies agree that the expansion of artificial electrification results in electromagnetic stress, all of which will lead to cell fatigue, headaches, and dizziness as a result of short-term exposure, while those that are Long-term effects will affect the immune system and may lead to cardiovascular diseases or even birth defects.

With regard to the aforementioned headaches, we must also be aware that inadequate ventilation in our home can have its effects. Whether due to its inappropriate design or due to the poor ventilation carried out by its inhabitants, the fact is that this type of acts can produce a decrease in oxygen levels. Likewise, the fact that an inadequate one should not be overlooked. Aeration of the stay can lead to an accumulation of toxic substances inside our body, which can be the cause of headaches.

Harmful Effects Of Electromagnetic Fields

There has also been talking since the 70s of the Microwave Syndrome, characterized by low blood pressure and slow pulse. Subsequently, a chronic excitation of the sympathetic nervous system and high blood pressure are added to these first symptoms. In this phase include the aforementioned headaches, dizziness, irritability, anxiety, stomach pain or inability to maintain concentration, among many other things. Chronic symptoms are eventually followed by a crisis of exhaustion and ischemia (blockage of the coronary arteries and heart attack).

Undoubtedly, electromagnetic pollution is presented as the invisible danger of the 21st century for our health that we must not overlook. What opinion do you deserve the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields derived from the use of new technologies for health?


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