Top 15 best gif maker app

Every day thousands of animated Gif images are created and shared. Whether Gifs of Love, laughter, cats, etc . they are an excellent way to communicate or express something in social networks through this type of images. We share the best gif maker app for you.

For this reason, I will share and keep updated, the best applications to create, search and share Gifs on your mobile device.

Top Apps: Create, Search and Share best gif maker app

PicsArt Animator: Gif & Videobest gif maker app

Make incredible animated gifs with the same creators of one of the best photo editors: Picsart. Draw animations about your photos and selfies in a timeline frame by frame. In addition to adding the duration, speed and sounds to the gifs. It is the best gif maker app.

Download from Google Play

GIF Maker

Select a video or several images from the gallery of your device to create a gif. When creating the gif you can select multiple frames and speed control. Then you can share the GIF via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, telegram or any other app.

Gif Recipesbest gif maker app

Find more than 1200 Recipes in Gifs form, looking for the labels: breakfast, dinner, dessert, drinks, Mexican, Western, poultry, veal, pork, seafood, Indian, Italian or Asian. You can also save your recipes in the favorites section and read comments to find out the best tips.

GIPHY CAM. The GIF Camerabest gif maker app

The popular application to create animated gifs on your Android and iOS device now launches a camera application to create gifs from the recording of a short video or use succession of photographs. It is one of the best gif maker app.

Once you record the content you can select a series of filters and hundreds of stickers, emojis, text frames, and special effects.

Download Google Play | Giphy Cam (Free)

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GIF Camera

It is an application that works to create live Gifs. You just have to open the application, start recording and go.

In the end, you will have a Gif file that can be shared in any social network without having to download or search online. In addition, the application allows you to select photos from your gallery and create Gifs from these files.

Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFsbest gif maker app

Imgur is definitely perfect both for uploading an animated GIF file from the device and sharing with a simple link. Therefore you just have to search for new GIF files to send quickly to your friends. There is a large community to find GIF files and images in the comments session.

Download Free – Google Play

Kika Emoji Keyboard GIF-free

Kika Emoji keyboard takes things to a whole new level. With Kika, users get access to a whole series of different Emojis and Gifs. So you can search and send a Giphy GIF from the keyboard itself.

9GAGbest gif maker app

Like Imgur, 9GAG is one of the best applications to find random animated Gifs. 9GAG has become a staple for users who are online and want to share the fun with their friends. 9GAG is full of Fails clips, GIF meme and much more.

Download Free – Google Play

Video and GIF Memes

This is an application to create your own Gifs. The application allows you to import a GIF file or image and then add the meme source with a message of your own choosing.

Users can change the length of the animation and choose the perfect moment of their video. The application can be downloaded for free but has a limit of 15 seconds of GIF.

GIPHY for Messengerbest gif maker app

Recently appeared on Facebook Messenger. Which is good, since there are certainly a lot of people using this service, but they limit it only to Facebook users, which can be annoying.

Even so, the features are very broad and allow you to react quickly with an appropriate GIF in the chat. If you prefer you can search through the Giphy library and find something more fun and entertaining.

Download Free – Google Play

Gif Me! Camera

The use of the application is super simple, captures a small moment with the camera of your device, and then converts that into a GIF. That’s all you have to do. This is undoubtedly one of the simplest applications to use when it comes to creating a GIF file on the spot.

Tenor GIF Keyboard

GIF keyboard is another application that makes it nice and simple to send GIFs within Facebook Messenger. It seems that it is a little simpler than the official Giphy application. It’s a shame that this is another application that only seems to support Facebook Messenger, but we assume that Facebook users now have something else to entertain themselves with while they communicate with their friends.

Slash keyboard

With this keyboard all you need to do is type “/ gypsy cats” and an appropriate GIF will appear. Then select one to be sent to your friends and family in any application of your choice.


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