7 Smart Gadgets For Smart Kids

Perhaps, every household thing habitual from childhood is now in the “smart” version. Smart watches and pillows, smart pots and coffee grinders, even smart inflatable mattresses for swimming! And no, this is not the dominance of smart gadgets, but very comfortable and cool accessories that really will not be superfluous in any home and for kids such things even more!

We have selected for you 7 of the most necessary, cool and, of course, smart gadgets for smart kids.

7 Smart Gadgets For Smart Kids

Smart Cube

Who said that watching cartoons is bad for health? Not at all, if you approach this case correctly! For example, to purchase – a mini-projector, completely safe for the child. It does not have a blue spectrum that overloads the nervous system and prevents children from relaxing. It can be sent to any bright surface, let the children watch cartoons in a comfortable position, rather than curled up, as if in front of a smartphone or tablet screen. You can take a cube with you anywhere – it is only about the size of an orange, holds 5 hours of charging and cartoons are already loaded into it. And the moms who purchased these smart gadgets are very pleased with it.

7 Smart Gadgets For Smart Kids


Brush your teeth – boring! Children do not like it and are distracted by everything, just to hear the cherished “everything, let’s go read a bedtime story.” But with a “smart” brush this business can be turned into a game. And not even in one. The brush connects to the smartphone and, using the app, gives the child a task – to destroy all the monsters hiding in his mouth, play a “toothy” symphony, or even take care of the home giraffe. A child performs tasks using a brush and his own mouth. And the teeth are intact, and the children are happy.

7 Smart Gadgets For Smart Kids


The perfect device for schoolchildren – smartpen. You write to her on a special paper, and all the recorded data immediately go to the application on the tablet. And you can not take with you a bunch of notebooks to repeat the topic, just find it in your smartphone. True, the pen is quite massive, and special paper will have to be bought, but this way of writing notes is very ergonomic, everything is always at hand.

7 Smart Gadgets For Smart Kids


If you are afraid that your baby will lose or break a smartphone, then a “smart” watch is an ideal option to be constantly in touch and not worry about an expensive thing. Different models have different functions, but most often these are calls, a child’s search by coordinates, an alarm button and a fitness tracker. With some hours you can even make video calls, and with some, you can write a message. For every taste, for every situation.

7 Smart Gadgets For Smart Kids


Smart glasses

Of course, in this collection, it is impossible not to mention the VR-glasses, which are now just beginning to gain popularity. This gadget is not only for games (as most parents think) but also for learning. There are so many educational programs that allow the child to do something with their own hands in virtual reality. And, of course, to consider from all sides everything that you want: dinosaurs and cars, the reconstruction of the battle or a legendary building. Well, and after – go for a virtual trolley, where without it.

7 Smart Gadgets For Smart Kids

Smart beacon

The ideal thing for scattered children (and their parents). Different companies offer labels of different colors, shapes, and sizes, but the essence is the same. You attach the tag to the thing that is often lost (jacket, wallet, phone, shift, etc. ), and when your lost hair returns without it, simply press the button on the phone. The smartphone will find the lost item and lead you to it. And if the phone no longer catches the radio signal, the user receives a notification with the coordinates of the last “communication session”.

7 Smart Gadgets For Smart Kids

Smart toy

What is there just not! Toys that help to sleep, toys that help to learn, toys that help express emotions. And there are such dinosaurs CogniToys, a real hit of sales in America. They are ready to answer 1000 children’s questions, and the answer is formulated according to the age of the baby. A dinosaur laughs at children’s jokes, remember his habits and develops an individual approach to each child. And teachers, of course, but in the form of a game.


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